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How to Write 5 Types of Copy Writing in Advertising to Keep the Sales Up

Copywriting is the creation of a marketing campaign to increase sales leads. Its primary objective is to encourage customers to click a link.

This link leads to either visiting a site or purchasing a product. You can find all sorts of copywriting everywhere, whether you’re aware of it or not.

In the advertising industry, an excellent copy is essential. Every word counts. Each word must be appropriate.

Otherwise, your business is at risk of losing customers. We will help you stop those losses. After this tutorial, you’ll know how to write a sales copy that doesn’t sound salesy.

But first, let’s discuss the five types of copywriting and the different styles to write them.

5 Types of Copy

Typewriter What is Your Story

  • Direct Mail
  • Email
  • Billboards
  • Press Releases
  • Online Content

Direct Mail

This type of copy reaches your mailbox. You know, the good old snail mail? Probably, you have received at least one letter from an unknown company offering a product or giving out a sample. Remember, those threefold brochures or postcards piling up in your desk, unread for weeks or even months.


Email is the online counterpart of direct mail. Examples of email marketing copy are:

    • Newsletters from an online subscription
    • Sales copy from an incomplete sign-up with an e-commerce site


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  • A simple reminder from a company to purchase



Billboards are the traditional way of advertising. Even in the dawn of online content, this type of copy still works and is effective. Those giant screens beside a building are billboards, except that advertisers reinvented the way they present it to the public. Advertisers use the advantage of the digital age to mask the traditional way of doing adverts.

Press Releases (PR)

You can find PR through newspapers, websites, and magazines. PR is short and concise, with the details answering the what, when, and who. An in-house writer or a PR agency can write a PR for your company.

Online Content

Digital marketing, social media pages, blogs are online content. However, not all of these are copywriting. How do you determine if online content is a copy? The purpose defines if online content is a copy.

If the content promotes a business or a product, it is a copy. The best copy is when you can’t recognize that it is one. This kind of copy is what you need for your business.

For small businesses that can’t afford the cost of billboards and direct mail, online content is an excellent alternative. Although online marketing is still costly, it is cheaper than the advertisements in billboards and direct mail.

Styles of Writing a Copy

Young woman on a train writing notes

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Let’s discuss the styles of writing a copy.

  • SEO
  • Creative
  • Lead Generation
  • Technical

SEO Style

Search engine optimization (SEO) is making your copy a friendly option for search engines. It involves finding the right keywords or key phrases to include in your marketing campaign. The right amount of keyword is essential since keyword stuffing is no longer a norm. This style of writing is often associated with online content.

Creative Style

You can apply creativity in both online and traditional way of copywriting in advertising. Jingles are examples of a creative style. You can hear them on television or radio. Blog, how-to articles, and extensive product reviews are examples of creative copywriting.

Lead Generation Style

Have you received a newsletter through email asking you to click a link? Because of the catchy title, you clicked and landed on a site. Most often, this landing site contains a sales copy with strategically located links throughout the copy. A sales copy is as long as 2,500 words up to 5,000 words. If this copy is written the right way, you wouldn’t even realize you’ve been reading for more than 30 seconds.

Technical Style

This style involves technical, extensive knowledge in a particular industry. It includes the jargon, specific names, and serial numbers of a specific product. You can use this style in electronics, medical products, cars, or software. The requirement is either you’re knowledgeable or have good research skills. A product description is an example of technical copywriting.

Writing a Copy in 3 Simple Steps

Man using a laptop on an outdoor table


  1. Brainstorming the Contents
  2. Drafting the Copy
  3. Editing and Proofreading Like Maniac

Brainstorming the Contents

This step requires:

  • Understanding your audience
  • Knowing the right medium
  • Exploiting the benefits of your product
  • Discovering the weaknesses of competitors
  • Researching the right keywords

The success of your copy depends on understanding where to place your adverts. If you choose an email copy using the lead generation style, you should at least have more than 50 email addresses to send your copy. Use keyword planning tools to help you determine the right keywords and phrases.

In exploiting the benefits of your product, use scientifically proven studies to back up your claim, especially if it’s about health and wellness. Use the manufacturer’s description, warranty, and guarantee for products other than health and wellness.

Be aware of your competitors. If your competitors have issues with customer services, use it to your advantage. Offer exemplary customer services and ensure to deliver quality services when problems arise.

Drafting the Copy

This step includes:

  • Communicating why the customers should buy from you
  • Including a call-to-action (CTA)
  • Making multiple copies using different styles
  • Using simple words
  • Adding some links for honest reviews

Pages and glowing letters flying out of a bookThe most important part is including a call-to-action in your copy.

This part is the reason you’re writing a copy: to make your customers do something after reading. If your copy is long, strategically place your call to action at the beginning, in the middle, and at the end of your copy.

Use urgency in your CTA. Tell your customer that the product is only available for a limited time or that you’re giving a sample for a limited time. Avoid “buy it now”. Instead, use “learn to know more”.

If your product isn’t new, try finding honest reviews for your product. Honest reviews can lend credibility to your product. Include a link or two. A potential customer will click on the link to read the reviews. Alternatively, include a summary and a link for details. However, if your product is new, avoid false positive reviews.

Use second person pronouns (you, yours, your). These pronouns focus on your customers.

Editing and Proofreading Like Maniac

A grammatically correct and error-free copy is a manifestation of how you do your business. If your copy is full of errors, your potential customers might think you don’t care about quality, or you don’t know about your customer’s needs.

Use the spelling checker of your document application tool. Hire an editor to ensure the correctness of your copy. Alternatively, use premium grammar checker if you can’t afford a professional proofreader or editor.

Read your work aloud. Sometimes, hearing the written words can aid you in finding errors. Spoken words can help you determine if a sentence sounds right or makes sense.

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Final Thoughts

Copywriting is an essential part of doing business. You’ll need it once or twice to increase your sales. You can write it, or hire someone to do it for you. The important thing is to publish a grammatically correct copy. Lastly, avoid giving out too much information. Information overload is counterproductive.

Our tutorial on 5 types of copywriting in advertising–what’s keeping the sales up ends here. We hope you learned something.

If you enjoyed our article, please share. Or you can leave a comment or a suggestion that we can consider in our next articles.

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