Creative typography is an art, but you should not confuse it with topography or typology. It would be a huge joke! Typography designs make fun of the elements to beautify those alphabets and make the language visible. For instance, they can be different styles, sizes, length and spacing.

Creative typography is now something everybody does, and not only typographers. Hence, what are you waiting for? It is getting popular among all comic book artists, visual designers, typesetters, graffiti artists and anyone else who arranges type for a thing. You could play with 26 letters by the combination of technology and ideas.

Creative typography is the best, if not then better, way to write down your headline or any important text. In spite of changing the word in itself, you can spice it up by adding anything that matters. I truly mean anything. As a result, the striking and inspirational typography designs will become the focal point rather than a separate element in the whole composition.

Creative typography is pretty useful in marketing and even filming. Some will utilize the 3D typography in posters, advertisements, web pages and all other printings. Today, they will blend it into videos and movies such as showing them in credits or titles. It can be on paper, screen or anywhere should you make a good use.

Creative typography is a text but not text only. It turns few simple letters magically into the extraordinary type. Readable is the first but will not be the one and only result. To bring those words beyond the traditional border, visually satisfying is simultaneously important too. You can feel the power of visualization from the typography designs and structures.

Creative typography is a modern technique to communicate with people. This visualization must be able to bring out and deliver the message to the general public. Clarity and transparency are also required. 3D typography is one of the examples which achieve the effect of inspiring people with its design and also message behind.

Creative typography is what you should learn and experiment now. This inspiring art design is also one of the methods to convey your designing talent and build up your brand. With 3D typography in your portfolio, you prove that you own a specialized skill that can help your clients to reach more and further.

Only through 30 typography designs, they will still tickle your hidden imagination and innovation. Start to draft your creative typography today!

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It has been published in the issue 3 of the UK magazine Twofold :


The idea is pretty genius too.

Creativity is the Answer

Typography for sale as a framed print and stretched canvas at


The quote is more meaningful with some type treatments.


Feel the rock musical night!

Retro 3D

Working with shapes and texts can produce this retro action.

3D Text Styles

This is what called 3D typography style.

Highway to nowhere

This island does exist, namely Shemya or Simiya Island.


It is the typographic portrait of Slash.

La Dolce Vita

Actually, it is handmade paper collage to form this beautiful word.


The longer you wait for the future, the shorter it will be – Loesje

Fresh Start

Forget the past, and start a new beginning with fresh colors.

Candy Cane Typography

This is the idea stolen from candy cane.

This is me..exquision.

Such a beautiful work can create chaos between face and letters, probably.

Yummy colors

Do you taste the yummy? – from nacho-new

Vintage typography

This is from Esfero’s personal work.

Sports World

Typography is not about alphabets but also pictures.

Eat my brain

Typography can be as cool as possible, just like this masterpiece.


Color, when it is well-picked, is fantastic.

Huawei Mobile – Australian Launch Campaign

“Success as Bieber” is the best thing to describe this advertisement.

HYPED Free Font

It is a set of unique typography.

Nike – Just do It – Part II

This is so nicely detailed.

Handmade Lettering

You must experiment how to make lettering with typography to have fun.

Tasty collection

Such a cool work was from a young graphic designer.

Nike – Just Do It – Experimental Project

Without the title, can you understand this?

When you Smile

When you Smile is so colorful and beautiful.

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Social Creative

This is for the Social Creative’s second book – “The Best Piece of Advice Ever”.

gothicecream typeface

This is one example of bubble-style typeface.

Joia Magazine – Cover type

This is a Spanish sentence: “Hacerlo bien es la mejor promo”, which roughly means doing things right is the best form of advertising.

San Miguel

The cassette-style typography is so brilliant.


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