Buying and selling items online have become more and more important nowadays. Probably you want to create an ecommerce websites to sell your items worldwide.

There are a lot of popular ecommerce solutions, either commercial or open source. Magento is one of the most popular open source platform for ecommerce websites. We had covered various well-designed Magento themes before. But, if you are familiar with WordPress, you may wish to use it as your ecommerce websites too.

Today, we are going to look into various themes, plugins and tutorials to build your own WordPress Ecommerce website. Let’s look into this WordPress Ecommerce solution starter kits.

Ecommerce Themes/Templates

Crafty Cart

Carfty Cart is a famous free WordPress Ecommerce theme. It is being built by Billion Studio especially for King Cart’s readers. But everyone can download it for free. It requires WP e-Commerce plugin to function properly.
Wordpress Crafty Cart Theme

Shopping Cart Themes From ShopperPress

ShopperPress is a complete WordPress Ecommerce solution. Users can download 6 different color themes for free (some of them required you to tweet them for the download link).
Shopping Cart Themes By ShopperPress

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Market Theme

Market is the revolutionary theme that transforms any standard WordPress install into a fully functional Ecommerce store complete with backend product administration. Read our full review of Market Theme.

Ecommerce Themes

Ecommerce Themes allows prospective merchants an easy-to-use, low-cost way to get an online Ecommece store up and running using the free content management software WordPress. It is search engine optimized and easily customizable.


wpShop is an Ecommerce WordPress theme which contains 2 localized child themes (English and German). It is being sold in ThemeForest and is only cost $35, which i think is the cheapest premium WordPress Ecommerce theme. It has a backend admin page to manage your orders.

Ecommerce Plugins

WP e-Commerce

It is the most powerful free WordPress Ecommerce plugin. It integrates with a lot of payment options and designers may easily tweak the look and feel of the website by utilizing WordPress PHP template tags, shortcodes, and widgets. Besides these, WP e-Commerce has a complete documentation and beginners are easy to get started with it.


eShop is an accessible shopping cart plugin for WordPress, packed with various features. It can handles downloadable products and supports various payment options such as Paypal, Payson, eProcessingNetwork, Webtopay and Cash/Cheque.

YAK for WordPress

It is an open source WordPress plugin for Ecommerce. It supports posts and pages as products and uses categories to handle different type of products. YAK supports different payment options too. Basic documentation is free while the advance useages documentation costs $20.


Shopp is a premium WordPress plugin for Ecommerce solution. You will have complete control over the shopping experience, which mean you can customize the design with stylesheets and WordPress PHP tags. The documentation is pretty complete, and you can get more supports from the community via the support forums.

WordPress Simple Paypal Shopping Cart Plugin

This simple plugin lets users add an “Add to cart” button anywhere on the blog. Customers can view their items from the shopping cart page.

Tutorials And Resources

1. Create an eCommerce Website with WordPress in under 5 minutes – A video tutorial from that teach you about how to create an Ecommerce website with WordPress and the WP e-Commerce plugin.

2. Getting set up with the WP e-Commerce plugin: settings and configuration – Another video tutorial which walks you through the process of getting set up with the WP e-Commerce plugin.

3. How to Build an Online Store With WordPress – A simple tutorial on how to use Ecommerce Themes from iThemes to built your own online store.

4. How To Open An Online Store With WordPress In Less Than 30 Minutes – Shows you how to built and create an online store with WordPress in less than 30 minutes. It is very suitable for beginners.

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5. WP e-Commerce SEO Tutorial – This SEO tutorial is designed to show you how to optimize WP e-Commerce for maximum traffic from the search engines.

6. WP e-Commerce Review For WordPress – This article reviews the pros and cons of WP e-Commerce. A must read article for WP e-Commerce users!


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