Gaming has been around since the 70s. All boys and girls, men and women alike have tried out at least a few games on their PCs and consoles which are that of their liking. There are many genres to gaming, which include fighting, racing, first person shooter, MMORPG and RPG. These gaming genres, and many others which are not mentioned, have certainly managed to attract the attention of different people of various age groups all around the world.

The gaming industry has been evolving rapidly in terms of graphics, game play and social interaction with other players over the years. From the likes of Mario to Counter-Strike to Modern Warfare, we can definitely see how our games have changed over the decades. Nevertheless, these games managed to attract tons of players and fans in their limelight years.

Even with such advancement in today’s console and PC gaming, one does not simply forget the classics that have led to the boom in the gaming industry. All of us here are big fans and players of video games today, and also hard core players of games in the past. Regardless of its simple game play and not-so-beautiful graphics and layout, gaming oldies have brought us hours (or maybe days) of pleasure in the past.

When we think about our old school games, we also recall the beautiful art cover and video game posters that comes with the purchase of our game. We are sure that you have hung up all those beautiful video game posters on the walls of your room at some point of time. Maybe some of you might still have them on your walls, even till this day!

In our post today, we have collected a beautiful display of retro video game posters. We sincerely hope this gallery will let you reminiscence the gaming times of the past. Have fun remembering how you beat all those evil computers and big bosses. Maybe, you would even want to dig out some of your old school games and re-play them on your PC. Enjoy!

Cosmic Avenger Universal

Fight in space.

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1943 The Battle Of Midway

Aeroplane fighters.

Roswell Fighter poster

Ready to kill.

Mega Man 2 Arcade

Megaman in blue.

Steve Thomas Retro Arcade Game Propaganda Posters

Ready for war.

Sea Wolf

Shooting below the waters.

Metroid Poster at Super Potato in Akihabara

Robot fights.

Donkey Kong

Save the lady, Mario!

Mario Bros Atari 2600

Mario and his brothers.

Defender 2

Space defender.

Venture Exidy



The end.

Tutankham for the Atari 2600

Game in Egypt.


Pong for Life.

Cosmic Guerilla

Gorillas all over.


In the space.

Super Mario Bros. Servicing

Mario driving.

Super Qix

Cute monsters.

Moon Patrol

War in space.

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Nintendo Power Magazine

More Mario!


Hit the asteroids!


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