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5 Reasons to Start a Blog for Your Web Design Company

It goes without saying, but if you’re a web designer, the need for a website to represent yourself is of utmost importance. What better way to showcase your skills than by ensuring the design of your own website represents all that you value in your given profession? A website with static pages is just a start. A continually updated blog is key when it comes to giving clients and search engines a like a stream of new and helpful content that will make you stand out. Simply put, blogs are a great way to build regular web traffic.


Showcase Your Expertise


The foremost reason to start a blog for your web design company is for the purposes of showcasing your expertise. Write topics that speak to your strengths and what you can accomplish for clients in a way that other designers might not be able to quite match. Always present information in light of what you can do the client, not the other way around. In addition to publishing regular blog posts, the portfolio section on your website is where you can link to some of your best web design efforts to showcase for potential clients to peruse.


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Research Specific Topics


Any professional should always aim to keep abreast of their field of study. There is no better way to do that than by occasionally writing blog posts on topics you are interested in learning more about. Perhaps there’s a tricky design issue you keep struggling to perfect. Time is always short in keeping a business afloat, so why not kill two birds with one stone? The research you do to enhance your own knowledge can do double duty in becoming the content for a new blog post. Doing so is certainly a win-win situation and an efficient use of time.


Network with Colleagues


Becoming active in online forums and leaving blog comments on sites in your web design niche ensures you will continually make new contacts and reinforce existing ones if your field. Don’t just share posts from your own blog, but carefully curate content from related sites to share on social media. This will show others that you operate from a supportive mindset. This practice creates good karma that will always come back to you. Take the time as well to guest post on popular and respected blogs as a way to grow your network. While a time-consuming way to gain notice, leaving comments on sites with design issues that you could potentially be of assistance is with is another way to attract potential clients.


Cultivate Brand Identity


In this day and age, it’s important to connect with readers not only as an expert, but as a human being. Work is a large part of our lives, but providing brief anecdotes from your daily life as a way to shed light on work-related tasks can go a long way toward humanizing you. Also, keep in mind if you are primarily blogging for fellow designers or for clients. That will also shape the amount and type of personality that goes into a given post. As you continue to add to your archive of blog posts, ask yourself what stands out about your posts? Are you in-depth and speaking to fellow experts? Or maybe you take a user-friendly approach and incorporate humor to make topics easier to digest for the average reader.

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Offer Resources to Clients


In an effort to go above and beyond for clients or fellow designers, you should be able to offer helpful articles when they ask questions or are having a problem they can’t quite figure out. While there are practically an infinite number of articles available at a mere click on the web, it’s always better if you can refer people back to your own posts when offering helpful posts. Another great way to offer resources to clients for fellow designers is to package past blog posts on a certain topic as a download incentive to attract new blog subscribers.


Many more reasons to start a blog for your web design company exist, and you will uncover more all the time as you continually grow your business. If you’ve yet to get started on the process or are thinking of starting a new website and blog, take the time to register a new domain name as the first step toward the process. As a web designer, it’s also possible that you could test the waters of website flipping as a way to explore and improve certain areas of your design skills. In many ways, blogging helps assure continued growth as a business owner and is a great motivator against stagnation.


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What other reasons to start a blog for your web design company would you add to this list?


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