With the technology and powerful search engines such as Google and Yahoo these days, information is literally at our fingertips. All we need is the right kind of channel and the right kind of keywords and we would be able to access to the different kinds of information on the Internet. On the other hand, with such a large amount of information available in different format through articles, videos and blog post, it will be tiring to filter through all these channels to get what we want. Hence, many of us have resorted to searching these information using search engines and keywords. However, prior to this development searching for information, or searching for the accurate piece of information could be a tricky task. However, things change with Web 2.0 where users will get the relevant information by only typing in keywords.

For this reason, more and more websites are incorporating search boxes into their website for the convenience of their readers and users. Search boxes are seen as a necessity especially for those who run a content-intensive websites. In fact, search boxes are becoming a norm for most websites and is seen as an essential element to make web browsing more convenient as well as a most used element for a website.

For this article, we will be focusing mainly on search boxes for websites as well as the designs. As one of the most used and essential element, search boxes are seen as a necessity in web design. It’s placement, position and design are also one of the essential points when it comes to designing a template. Normally, search boxes were placed at the upper corner of a page, but some designs also placed the search box at the footer of the web page for good measure. Other common positions for search boxes include sidebars and even a center of a page. Besides that, the design of the search boxes for website should always be easily recognize. Most of the search boxes designs are kept in a minimal design, while others manage to make minor changes in its shapes and sizes.

Nonetheless, search boxes nowadays also come with more features and functions other than creative design for optimum search results. Some of them include features such as categorizing and filtering results for better results. Others also come with auto search suggestion to match the users request. Here, we will be displaying some of the more inspiring search box designs as well as their impressive features. Here, we seen an example how even the tiniest detail can make a difference in design and usability.

Elmore Club

A simple design or color from the background makes the box easy to be spotted.


A simple contrast and design works well with minimal designed templates.


A simple intricate design allows user to notice the search box’s position.

Deborah Cavenaugh

A casual design to match a funky web template.


Another simple design adorn with little intricate details.


Adding a personal message near to the search box is another idea.

UnRated Gaming

A minimal and classic design that blends in with the web design.


A minimal design but functional nonetheless.


Utilising symbols to allow the users to realise the position of the search box.


Not all search boxes has to come in a standard size or shape.


A search bar with complete search module using only minimal space!

C Spire Wireless

A search box that only appears when the cursor hovers on the search tab.


One can also consider placing the search bar in the upper center to ensure maximum attention and usage.


One search box equipped with filtering functions due to the massive resources on the particular web.


How about placing the search box as the only thing on your first page?

David Torondel

A design that blends perfectly well with the site template.

Search, Sort, Filter

A search bar with advance functions such as searching, sorting and filtering.

New York Magazine

Another search bar with filtering functions, allowing users to obtain accurate and specific results.

Remember The Milk

A fine example of the auto-suggestion feature.

Scroll Search Module

A unique search box that allows user to search by scrolling the alphabetical panel.

Deziner Folio

A search box design that omits the separate buttons.

One Fused Life

This search box features replaceable text inside it, therefore it needs no extra labels.

The Web Squeeze Forum

A search box that does not feature any buttons or text!

Go FrenchLab’s Search Google

Sometimes all you need is a simple and clean design.

Stuart’s Search Box

One that display a preview of search results during your search.

Get Satisfaction

A search bar that features auto suggestions but also categorise your results.


Features similar function to Facebook tagging module!

Theme Forest

It’s search function allows you to get the desired results in no time at all.


It’s hard to miss it when u place it right under your web’s logo.


A clear and simple design to showcase the filtering function.