What is AdRoll Used For: A Comprehensive Guide to AdRoll Advertising

What is AdRoll Used For

AdRoll, a comprehensive ecommerce marketing solution, supports companies of all sizes in developing successful customer relationships. Leveraging advanced machine learning technology, it draws on data from a remarkable 70% of global online shoppers to anticipate actions, assess ad interaction, and predict future store performance. This allows companies to boost their brand’s visibility and dramatically enhance sales.

As an AI-driven marketing software, AdRoll offers sophisticated audience targeting, cross-channel engagement, advanced measurement, and attribution, all consolidated in a single platform. It simplifies launching personalized display ads, initiating retargeting, and re-engaging cart abandoners.

Key Takeaways

  • AdRoll is a potent ecommerce marketing platform aiding businesses in connecting with customers.
  • It uses machine learning to predict behavior, ad engagement, and store performance.
  • AdRoll is AI-driven marketing software providing sophisticated audience targeting, cross-channel engagement, advanced measurement, and attribution.

Understanding AdRoll

AdRoll is designed to facilitate ecommerce growth through unified data, channels, and measurement. It enables the creation of cross-channel experiences that raise awareness, engage shoppers, and cultivate loyal customers.

AdRoll provides a multitude of tools, aiding businesses in creating and optimizing their advertising campaigns. It simplifies launching personalized display ads, initiating retargeting, and re-engaging cart abandoners. With a unified ecommerce marketing platform, targeting the right audiences and delivering relevant, personalized experiences become a breeze.

AdRoll employs a data-driven marketing strategy; it tracks user behavior across multiple channels and devices to derive a comprehensive view of each user. This dataset is essential in formulating targeted ad campaigns. For instance, AdRoll is capable of creating retargeting campaigns targeting users who have visited your website without making a purchase, as well as prospecting campaigns targeting users similar to your existing customers.

AdRoll for Ad Campaigns

AdRoll serves as an all-encompassing platform for creating and managing ad campaigns. It offers a variety of features and tools assisting businesses to reach their target audience, engage potential customers, and drive conversions.

Prospecting with AdRoll

AdRoll’s prospecting tool is exceptional at discovering potential customers. It uses machine learning algorithms to analyze existing customer data, identifying common patterns and traits among the best customers. This data is then harnessed to find prospective customers with matching characteristics, bolstering the likelihood of driving conversions, and subsequently, business growth.

Retargeting with AdRoll

AdRoll is a top-tier platform for creating retargeting campaigns, targeting users who have previously interacted with your brand. Such campaigns can be markedly effective as they target users with existing interest in your products or services.

Dynamic and Social Ads

AdRoll offers potent tools for creating dynamic and social ads. Dynamic ads are real-time customized ads based on user behavior, while social ads target users on popular social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Both types of ads have demonstrated efficacy by presenting relevant products or services to users on platforms they frequently utilize.

AdRoll and Google Ads

AdRoll can function in conjunction with Google Ads to target users on the world’s leading search engine. This collaboration encapsulates a robust cross-channel advertising strategy.

Performance Dashboard

AdRoll’s performance dashboard provides an integrated view of your campaigns across all channels. This holistic view aids in campaign optimization and enhancing overall performance. The channel performance dashboard displays campaign performance by channel, promoting campaign optimization and enhancing performance on specific channels.

AdRoll for Brand Awareness

For businesses aiming to advance brand awareness, AdRoll offers solutions to reach new customers and establish connections. AdRoll’s Brand Awareness campaigns target individuals who might be unfamiliar with your brand. These campaigns aim to attract high-quality new customers to your site, who can later be targeted by your retargeting campaigns.

A critical feature of AdRoll’s Brand Awareness campaigns is contextual targeting. This allows your brand to be displayed alongside content relevant to your industry or target market. Another feature is cross-channel performance, which enables the tracking of campaign performance across multiple channels including display advertising, video advertising, native advertising, email marketing, and more. With tools for analytics and reporting, you can measure the success of your campaigns by tracking metrics like impressions, clicks, and conversions.

AdRoll for Customer Data Management

AdRoll stands as an excellent platform for managing customer data. Leveraging the established data of 70% of the world’s online shoppers to predict behavior, ad engagement, and store performance, it serves as an ideal solution for managing your customer data.

AdRoll Pixel

AdRoll Pixel is a tracking code that can be added to your website to monitor visitor activity. This data collection allows you to create targeted ads based on the behavior of current and potential customers.

AdRoll and Customer Support

AdRoll’s customer support is top-notch. Any inquiries or issues can be addressed via email or phone. Additionally, AdRoll’s extensive help center contains articles and tutorials on platform usage. A dedicated account manager can also provide personalized advice and guidance on leveraging the platform.

Account Management

In addition to providing a dedicated account manager, AdRoll assists in optimizing their use of the platform. Your account manager works with you to develop a customized strategy tailored to your specific needs and goals, offering assistance with optimizing your campaigns and providing regular performance reports.

AdRoll Integrations

AdRoll offers seamless integrations with various marketing tools and platforms, maximizing your advertising campaigns. Whether you’re using Adobe Commerce, Shopify, or another e-commerce platform, AdRoll’s integrations streamline your advertising efforts to reach your target audience more effectively.

With AdRoll’s integrations, you can easily sync your customer data and track your advertising performance across multiple channels. Here are some of the integrations that AdRoll offers:

  • Adobe Commerce: AdRoll’s integration can help you create personalized and targeted ads based on your customer data. With AdRoll, you can easily track your advertising performance and optimize your campaigns to drive more sales and revenue.
  • Shopify: AdRoll’s integration with Shopify allows you to easily sync your customer data and track your advertising performance across multiple channels.
  • Google Ads: AdRoll’s integration with Google Ads allows you to easily track your advertising performance across multiple channels.
  • Facebook & Instagram: AdRoll’s integration with Facebook and Instagram allows you to effectively track your advertising performance across these platforms.

AdRoll Pricing and Free Trial

AdRoll offers two pricing plans: Starter (free) and Growth (paid). The Starter plan is designed for businesses that are just starting out with digital advertising, while the Growth plan is for businesses that want to scale their advertising efforts.

The Starter plan includes basic features, such as retargeting, audience targeting, and reporting. However, it has limitations on the number of impressions and ad spend. In contrast, the Growth plan includes advanced features, such as email retargeting, cross-device retargeting, and dynamic creative optimization. The pricing for the Growth plan is based on your monthly ad spend and varies depending on your business needs.

AdRoll also offers a free 30-day trial for the Growth plan. During this period, you can test all the features of the Growth plan to see if it aligns with your business needs.

AdRoll Reviews and Ratings

AdRoll’s platform has been reviewed and rated online by various users. On TrustRadius, AdRoll has an average rating of 7.2 out of 10 based on 41 reviews. On G2, AdRoll has an average rating of 4.2 out of 5 based on 307 reviews. AdRoll has also won several TrustRadius awards for its display advertising and retargeting capabilities.


AdRoll is an excellent marketing and advertising platform for businesses seeking to connect with customers at the right time and place. It’s an ideal choice for brands desiring to improve their marketing and advertising efforts by utilizing powerful features and machine learning capabilities. With AdRoll, brands can achieve their marketing goals and connect with their customers in more innovative ways.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does AdRoll compare to its competitors?

AdRoll is a leading ecommerce marketing platform utilizing machine learning to predict customer behavior, ad engagement, and store performance. It is highly regarded for its robust cross-channel attribution capabilities, which help businesses understand the impact of their advertising across multiple platforms.

What are the benefits of using AdRoll?

Using AdRoll can increase online sales and revenue by reaching customers across multiple channels. The platform’s machine learning algorithms optimize ad campaigns for peak performance while cross-channel attribution capabilities yield insights into advertising effectiveness.

Where can AdRoll serve ads?

AdRoll can serve ads across a wide range of platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google, and more. AdRoll’s cross-channel attribution capabilities allow businesses to track the performance of their ads across multiple platforms, providing them with a comprehensive view of their advertising efforts.

What is AdRoll’s role in Google ads?

AdRoll is a Google Premier Partner, signifying its expertise in managing Google Ads campaigns. With AdRoll’s integration with Google Ads, businesses can easily create and manage their Google Ads campaigns directly from the AdRoll platform. AdRoll also provides cross-channel attribution for Google Ads, allowing businesses to track the effectiveness of their Google Ads campaigns alongside their other advertising efforts.

What is the AdRoll Pixel?

The AdRoll Pixel is a piece of code that businesses add to their website to track user behavior and serve personalized ads. When a user visits a website with the AdRoll Pixel installed, AdRoll can track their behavior across the site and use that information to serve personalized ads to them later. The AdRoll Pixel can also be used to track conversions and other essential metrics.

What is NextRoll and how is it related to AdRoll?

NextRoll is the parent company of AdRoll and other marketing technology companies. NextRoll’s mission is to enable businesses to grow their revenue by providing them with powerful marketing tools and insights. AdRoll, being one of NextRoll’s flagship products, is designed explicitly for ecommerce businesses aiming to boost their online sales and revenue.

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