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What is an Acceptable Bounce Rate for a Website

If you want to track the performance of your site, you must look at the website bounce rate.

Website bounce rate refers to web traffic. It is called as ‘bounce’ since it deals on tracing people who have visited and left a particular website.


What is the Purpose of Monitoring the Website Bounce Rate

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Bounce rate is an essential tool to determine if your site is doing well online. With all the clicks and time spent by people on your website, you can actually tell if you are still doing the right thing.

A page with a low recorded bounce rate means that people keep on viewing a specific page.

Meanwhile, a high bounce rate is a bad sign. This means that a website is not performing well and its integrity is suffering online. High bounce rate construes the fact that people only look for one page and then stop clicking on other links. If this will continue, this will make the site irrelevant.

Best Cloud Hosting for Wordpress
Best Cloud Hosting for Wordpress

However, the interpretation of the bounce rate differs on the purpose of a website. Meaning, it is not all the time that a high bounce rate is detrimental for a site.

For example, a dictionary site will always record a high bounce rate since people tend not to open other pages. Of course, this is not a sign of poor performance. This means that people keep on visiting the site with different word searches.

On the other hand, if a commercial entity runs a site, a low bounce rate is definitely favorable. This means that after reading one page, people tend to switch to another related page.  If you own an e-commerce business, you will surely like for people to read as many pages as possible to be aware of your offerings.

Since you now understand the essence of the website bounce rate, it is also crucial for you to know how it is derived.


How to Accurately Calculate the Website Bounce Rate


The formula for calculating the website bounce rate is as follows:

Bounce Rate of a Page= Total number of bounces on page/ Total number of visitors on the page.


Figuring the Perfect Bounce Rate for Websites and Pages


If you want to know the perfect bounce rate, there’s no definite answer. Setting the right bounce rate will depend on the website nature and purpose. However, it is deemed that a lower bounce rate is a positive indicator for a website.

If you want to look at the actual bounce rate recordings of industries, read the following:

Average Website Bounce Rates of Different Industries

  • Retail Sites. With a 20%-40% bounce rate, the websites of retail stores are hooking people to a tee.
  • Typical Landing Pages. Meanwhile, on the common online platform, it recorded a 70%- 90% bounce rate.
  • Portals. Different online portals like Yahoo and MSN took a 10%-30% bounce rate.
  • Service Sites. For all service sites, expect a 10%- 30% of bounce rate.
  • Content Platforms. With the application of in-depth SEO strategies, these platforms enjoy a 40%- 60% bounce rate.
  • Lead Generation. For the lead generation services, expect a bounce rate of 30%-50%.

Since the right bounce rate is subjective, you can refer to the general guidelines:

  • 20% or below is likely a tracking error
  • 30 – 50% is excellent
  • 50 – 70% is average
  • 70 – 80% is poor
  • 80%+ is very bad

If you want to find out the bounce rate of your website, Google Analytics will help you.

Tracking Website Ranking


Computing the Bounce Rate Using Google Analytics


First, you need to log in into your account in Google Analytics. Find the Audience and the Overview tabs. Then, click on the metric Bounce rate.

If you want to calculate the bounce rate of a specific website, you can go to Behavior and All Pages options. You can now navigate to the Bounce Rate column and look at the bounce rate of a particular site.

Indeed, the bounce rate is a crucial tool to lift your website standing in no time.

Bounce Rate Using Google Analytics

How to Use Bounce Rate to Improve the Integrity of your Site


  1. Navigate to the Google Analytics and look for the left panel menu.
  2. Go to Content – Site Content – Landing Pages.
  3. Locate the Secondary dimension – Traffic Sources – Keyword.
  4. You can now use the Advanced Filter to remove keywords that are not working.
  5.  The last step is to arrange the Bounce Rate in descending order. You can organize by pressing the column heading.

Now, if you are experiencing issues on a higher rate of page views, you can try the following manipulations online.


Resolving the Issue on a High Website Page Views and Clicks

Best Cloud Hosting for Wordpress
Best Cloud Hosting for Wordpress

Website Page Views and Clicks

  • Get it Right. To lift the site’s clicks and views, you must attract the appropriate audience.  You can do this by thinking of keywords that will target a specific group of people. You can also link multiple landing pages like landingi offers to drive visitors.
  • Improve Usability. To hook people to your website, you need to have a good web layout. This includes a readable text and an appealing interface.
  • Speed Up. Another factor that may affect people’s interest to open your page is the time span of loading its contents.

If you want a good bounce rate, you need to improve and enhance the experience of loading your page. You can also configure links to open in other windows just to get the attention of visitors and make them stay longer on your website.

  • Good Content. This is by far the most effective way to convince your audience to stay longer on your website. You need to fill up your site with the most relevant articles with a compelling call to action.

Create content that is tailored or aligned with your target clients.  Placing clear images on your platform is also an effective tool to convince people to stay.

These are the facts about the website bounce rate that you must know. Remember that setting online dominance is as easy as a flick of a fingertip.

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