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What type of design or layout require for good sales web page

The design of your business site could have a direct impact over the number of sales conversions you get. However, by encouraging the sales simply do not simply mean that you ignore the need of having good design over your website. The fact is in an online marketing effort, the conversion rate is the percentage or amount of people who simply go for casual viewing to take some action like sales or registration, which are promoted by the subtitles or via direct requests. Hence you could see the conversion happening when you are able to turn the site visitor into a lead and finally into a sale. Without the conversions a site will fail to work for the business and hence may not deliver you anything against the investment you have done on it, thus killing all your money and efforts, which you have put forward to get people over your site. Hence it’s important to know some of the key points to design a good web page, which can help to convert the visitors. Let’s check them out:

Design with clear visitor paths

In order to convert the site visitors into customer, your site design should have clear visitor paths. The visitors should be channeled to your main objective including towards the contact form or simply download the page or move to a shopping cart. Something you could create some aesthetically pleasing design layouts, but fail to incorporate these elements. The sites, which are able to convert a wide range of visitors into leads generally, feature bright colored calls for action. However, a number of designer end up committing a mistake of putting a larger than life size contact us button, which simply acts as a worst nightmare for the designers. Hence designing these pages could be called as a subjective thing; however, designing the sales web pages is termed as scientific, which is driven by statistics and could be improved by testing.

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Show your products

Whenever you visit any brick and mortar store, you often first examine any product before buying it. You generally make your purchasing decision based upon the information you gather over there by touching, smelling, testing, etc. Though you may not find this feature over the online stores, yet you could fill this gap by putting other things by giving as much information as possible in the form of screenshots, images and text content. However, it is really surprising to see a number of sites, selling out different products including software fail to put these screenshots over the website. Though you may not be able to see and smell these products yet you could find information about these over the web in various ways.

The consumers coming over the online stores simply take decisions based on the products in which they appear. Since appearance could be called as a big indicator, which could be called as an aesthetic usability effect. But when these people see a very cluttered and complicated interface they may take an impression of an old, obsolete and hard to use platforms. On the contrary, if the consumers are able to see simple and attractive kind of interface with things properly organized, they will be more encouraged to get converted.

Add the AIDA element in your web design

AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire and Action) is among the most popular strategy, which describes the number of steps involved in getting a sales conversion. Hence your design should be able to catch the attention of the potential customers. The moment you incorporate this element, you should be able to explain your products or services to them. To generate the interest the customers should be able to visualize your products through your website designs along with telling them the benefits of the same. With the help of benefits, you would be able to sell out the products effectively as customers would be able to understand the features of the products or services they want to avail over your website. In order to design such websites, you need to first visualize these elements like a customer and then incorporate in your designs with the help of different images, and graphic designs.

Provide the next actions element in your website design

Follow the ABC (always be closing) rule in your website design. If you want to design a site, which can sell out your products online, you also have to check the way you are going to close the deal over every web page. This simply doesn’t mean you end up putting a big button of ‘Buy Now’, but make sure to add them properly in such a way that customers do not have to search for the same. This could be done by adding the next action links at proper places without actually distracting the attention of your potential customers. These links can help your customers to reach out to a web page, where he or she can find more information about the product. Hence you could put the link with a phrase, all set to order, click here or learn more, shop now or even Take a tour, etc. Avoid leaving any dead end over the web page; make sure you keep on suggesting your visitors where they can move the next.

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Best Cloud Hosting for Wordpress

Final word

Designing the sales page is more of a science than adding bells and whistles in your website. The above points can help you in designing effective sales pages over your website.

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