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Why You Should Choose Managed WordPress Hosting

If you’re competing on the internet and chosen WordPress as your content management system, you have an important decision to make. Are you going to host the website yourself or choose a managed WordPress hosting service? With unmanaged hosting, you’re usually offered a large amount of storage and bandwidth.

In addition, many of these services will also automatically set up WordPress for you. However, with this choice, it’s up to you to fully optimize WordPress. You’ve got to weigh your options and look at the key benefits that are provided by managed WordPress hosting to really make an informed decision.

Less Worrying About Website Maintenance

With WordPress as the backbone of your website, you can’t just leave it alone and hope for the best. To ensure that your software is up-to-date, you’ll be required to handle all of the maintenance duties by making sure that you are always running the latest version.

Not to mention, it’s also important for your site to have the latest versions of themes and plug-ins. While these tasks are minimal, you do have to stay on top of them. By choosing a managed WordPress hosting service, you won’t have to worry about spending time on maintenance, which will allow you to focus on more important tasks.

Better Security

Since WordPress is such a popular way to build a website, it does become a target for hackers. These unscrupulous individuals will do anything they can disrupt your website.

If you’ve ever been hacked, you know what a nightmare it can be to find the problem and get back online with a clean version of WordPress. By utilizing managed hosting, the service will handle all of the security that you’ll need for your website. It takes a lot of stress off of you and places it on the service. They’ll even handle the backups for your website, which will help keep your content safe if any problems do occur.

Faster Speed

If you want to have a successful website, it must perform well in the speed department. When an interested visitor clicks on a link to your website, it better load fast on the front end and back end or the web searcher will quickly disappear.

A great WordPress hosting comparison on Mangomatter points out that there are a number of factors that go into the performance of your site. When you choose to use a managed WordPress hosting service, you will often receive faster speed when your website is loading.

Excellent Support

Another advantage of choosing managed hosting is that it’s usually backed by experts who provide a full range of support. They will often offer various ways to get in touch with them 24/7, which may include email, phone or live chat.

If you choose to go down the unmanaged hosting route, the last line of defense is going to be nobody else but you. When you have a question or get stuck with a roadblock that you can’t figure out, you’ll be required to start searching for an answer as there’s no one else to help. If the thought of this type of situation worries you, it’s probably best to choose a managed hosting service.

While you may learn more than you ever thought you would be choosing to manage your WordPress site by yourself, you can see why it’s probably advantageous to use a managed WordPress hosting service. You’ll be able to have peace of mind knowing that professionals are in control of your site’s performance or if anything goes wrong.

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