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Wix Logo Maker Review: Disruptive Tech in the Digital Designing Market

If you are someone who has spent any amount of time in the realm of digital content creation, then you’re already pretty familiar with the Wix brand. Over the last decade or so, the Wix Website maker has been helping people create their own unique websites with the help of a few clicks.

Over the last year or so, they have expanded their portfolio adding some more powerful tools to the mix- the latest of them being the Wix Logo Maker.


Now as someone who frequently dabbles in website creation, I am very aware of the pains of getting a suitable logo for a new website. From sitting down with a designer to flesh out a concept to the final execution of the finished logo- its a long tedious process that often costs a lot of money.


So that’s why I jumped at the opportunity to try Wix’s logo maker out- and here’s my experience with it!


Wix Logo Maker: A Comprehensive Review

Wix Logo Maker


Now one of the best things that I liked about the Wix Logo Maker is how they broke down the entire process of creating a Logo into 4 simple steps. For me, it was one of the biggest selling points for  the Wix Logo Maker- after all any product that can make the life of a web designer less cluttered and messy is a huge deal.

Best Cloud Hosting for Wordpress
Best Cloud Hosting for Wordpress

With that said, let’s jump right into part 1.


1. Creating a Basic Template For Your Logo

Basic Template For Your Logo


First up we need to fill in some basic information about our company. Wix also lets you add a tagline with the name- if you have a popular jingle or motto that everyone recognises you by, then this is a great place to put it in!


Content Writing Agency


Next up we get to choose the niche we are in. For the purposes of this review, I went ahead and dreamt up a fictional Content Writing Agency called the Aurora Writing Guild.


Every logo tells a story

Every logo design tells a story, about the ethos of the company and how you’d like the world to recognise you. This is very important as having an online personality is a key component in building up a brand image. With a few select word choices, Wix lets you do just that!


2. Getting To Know Your Personal Preferences

showcase it’s magic

Now this is where the Wix Logo Maker really begins to showcase it’s magic. Using their proprietary learning algorithm along with their years in developing websites, Wix lets you choose from a set of popular logos in order to find out your unique choices when it comes to design and colours.

presented with a bunch of options

At the end of this step, I was presented with a bunch of options and I was pleasantly surprised to see how many of these logos were in line with my vision of what the logo for Aurora Writers Guild should look like!

3. Fine Tuning the Details of Your Logo

colour pallette


Now this is the stage for granular fine tuning. You can do a wide variety of changes, from changing the font and the colour pallette to controlling the opacity of the icons and shapes on display.


What impressed me the most though was the flexibility that Wix offers with their logo maker. At any stage, you can go back and choose a different design and work based on that. The entire process is very intuitive and it was hardly half an hour before I had tweaked my very own logo to perfection.


4. Downloading Your Logo


Now I know some of you guys are pretty confused by this image. I mean wasn’t the Wix Logo Maker supposed to be free? Well it actually is! You can download a free sample of your logo and use it for all your needs.


The only caveat thought is that you are restricted to a lower resolution image which doesn’t really scale well on a professional looking website or even a business card. That’s why Wix offers 3 tiered plans that you can see in the picture above!

Let me quickly run you through these plans:

  1. Basic Plan: (Cost: 12$) This is ideal if you’re perfectly happy with your created logo and have no desire to modify or change it anyway. You can download the files for the logo and use it as you please.
  2. Professional Plan: (Cost: 50$) The professional plan offers you a much wider range of flexibility with the vector files and social media kit making sure that you are ready to make a splash across the Internet with your brand identity!
  3. Professional Logo and Website Plan: (Cost: 100$) If you want the complete package of a logo along with a website and Wix’s industry leading customer service all in one click- then this is the plan for you. The 168$ promo code for creating your website is just the icing on the cake.

Overall if you take my advice, I’d say that the professional plan is the best deal which gives you all the vector files as well as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and other social media optimised logo images which can be just the kickstart needed for your company.

Why Wix Logo Maker Over Other Alternatives:

Logo makers out there are a dime a dozen! And with services like Fiverr popping up all over the place, there are a few options that might even give you a customisable logo for a price that is lower than Wix. So why do I still prefer to stick with WIx?


Well there are quite a few reasons behind my decision and for the sake of brevity, I’ll highlight the 5 salient ones in the bullet points down below:

  • Unlimited Revisions: A logo like any piece of art needs to go through several iterations before you can finally decide on one that reflects your company’s outlook. This is a tiring process and a particularly expensive one especially if you decide to hire a dedicated graphic designer.
  • Unleash Your Creativity: Whenever we commission a logo or something of that nature, we always have a creative design in our mind that we seek to implement. However due to various reasons like lack of a particular skill set as well as time constraints, we are more often than not forced to hand it over to someone else. Wix Logo Creator let’s you take back control and unleash the inner artist in you.
  • Get Inspired: Every great idea starts off as a solitary thought which after hours of pondering and conversation snowballs into something amazing. The creation of a logo is something very similar-it begins with a concept but more often than not, the exact details are a bit fuzzy, especially in the visualization stage of things! The awesome thing about Wix is that they have a great selection of pre existing logos which you can draw inspiration from!
  • Ease of Use: Now most of us are creatures of habit and fnd a lot of comfort in sticking to what we have used for ages and are comfortable with. Now, unless you are a professional digital artist, chances are you have never really delved into Photoshop. And while there is no doubt that the Adobe creative suite is incredibly powerful, the learning curve for them is also pretty steep. Wix on the other hand provides a simple drag and drop tool that anyone who is used to building websites is comfortable with.
  • A Complete Package: This in my book, is the most compelling reason to get Wix Logo Maker. It provides you guys with the entire deal which is a great boon toi anyone just starting out in the web building industry. With someone like Wix, you get the complete website building tools along with awesome customer support!


Best Cloud Hosting for Wordpress
Best Cloud Hosting for Wordpress

In the cut throat world of SEO, having great content is no longer just the only criteria. You need to have a catchy logo as well as a fast and responsive site to go along with it. You can get all of that and a whole lot more when you choose Wix Web Development tools. In fact if you opt t go for the Professional Logo package you get the Logo in various high resolutions along with a social media kit which can help jump start your website and bring in a host of social signals to your online presence.

Wix Logo Maker: It’s Awesome, And it’s FREE


Creating a comprehensive online brand image is hard, Wix Logo Maker makes sure that you can take the best foot forward as you start on that journey. My experience with was overwhelmingly positive and if anyone of you is looking for a free logo maker for your new website or venture, I’d highly recommend giving Wix a try!

After all, the logo is the first thing a new visitor and potential customer looks at while visiting your website and as the age old adage goes-

“Make your first impression a lasting one!”

Wix Logo Maker enables you to do just that! So what are you waiting for, go get your brand the online presence they deserve and empower it to new heights with a professional logo!

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