Overview of WordPress Developers Salaries Worldwide

In today’s world, WordPress is a universal system used by many organizations to build their sites. Because it is accepted worldwide, Ukraine developers, alongside other developers located in different locations, have embraced the technology to improve content management systems in online platforms. 

Since there are developers from many countries, there comes a varied salary based on the location. Ukraine developers have their salary range, while other countries also have a range of salary for the developers. It all depends on the metrics used by every country to scale the salary rate for the developers. However, the future of WordPress developer’s salary is unknown since the field is ever-growing and taking new dimensions every other day.

In simple terms, WordPress is an open-source system that manages WordPress content on your site. There are more links available online to explain more details about WordPress. It is a base for building blogs and websites at large.


The system was first introduced by Michael Valdrighi, a French programmer back in 2001. Back then, WordPress used to generate pages through the help of the MySQL database. Then with time, the developers left the idea and lost focus on everything. Matt Mullenweg is the person who brought the idea back to life since the idea had brought a positive impact according to how people viewed it. Matt customized the entire system by adding useful features, and in 2013, WordPress took a whole new level.

The onset of WordPress brought a lot of significant changes in the field of web development. The system made it easy to add useful content and even update and maintain the site that you, as the owner, did not create. In short, WordPress has simplified work for most developers.

According to W3Tech research, it shows that 31.5% of the websites are operating under WordPress. The other percentage does not depend on any other content management system at all. And for this reason, WordPress is considered to be the fastest-growing content management system worldwide, and soon it will put down Wix and WooCommerce


Salaries of WordPress Programmers Worldwide

Since WordPress entered into the marked and penetrated really well, it means that the demand for WordPress developers increased steadily. What does this imply? It is evident that more junior developers shifted their interests and decided to venture into learning WordPress. The onset of WordPress opened a new career dimension to many; some even went further to study more programming languages after realizing how useful it is.

The fact is that WordPress developers will be in demand for many decades to come. As for now, job opportunities for WordPress developers are available despite the level of expert a developer is. What defines the salary range is the location of the developer alongside some conditions such as a requirement for working conditions and even living costs. Let us analyze the WordPress developer’s salaries in different countries below:

Canada: A WordPress developer pockets an average of $35,000 every year

Germany: Germany offers its WordPress developers $44,000 on a yearly basis

United States: the U.S is the most developed country when it comes to web development, and this means that developers located in the U.S pocket $ 50,000 each year.

Australia: In Australia, the vacancy of a WordPress developer comes with the rate of $42,000 yearly

United Kingdom: In U.K, a sum of $30,000 is offered to a WordPress developer yearly.

The trend is quite low in Eastern Europe, where WordPress developers pocket low amounts as compared to other programming languages. In Ukraine, it is possible to land a programmer for as low as $400 on a monthly basis. And in most cases, such programmers usually do not have adequate knowledge on the matter; they are simply still in the learning process.

In summary, it is evident that WordPress has taken over in the field of the content management system. All this is because of its features that make it easy to use and improved features on user experience. With WordPress, top developers can build up a website with more tools and plugins to meet every user’s requirements. And since it is a global trend, that is why different WordPress developers are paid differently according to their location and professional level.

However, what defines the project’s cost is the following:

  • The nature of the website being built.
  • The level of experience a developer posses
  • The country, origin, or location of the developer.

Note: Most WordPress developers are freelancers. This means that the cost of programming is a bit cheap. However, regardless of everything, WordPress at large stands out to offer the best services to a website. And for this reason, WordPress is a system that is going to be in use for many years to come, meaning that the WordPress developer’s salaries will increase significantly. So, if you think being a WordPress developer is the best career for you, you are absolutely right. Go for it.

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