15 beautifully Designed WordPress Restaurant Themes

With more and more people connected to the Internet, most businesses are setting up their own web pages. The existence of the Internet has speed up connectivity and makes communication faster and more convenient, it makes it easier for businesses to reach out to their targeted audience. Not only that, setting up a web page can also means free promotion for your business, while it takes up a small fee it could also help you set up your own brand image online. However, why stop only at retail or service businesses, many restaurants and cafes are slowly following the trend and have set up their own websites as well. This is one of the main reasons why restaurant themes are becoming increasingly popular.

As one of the more popular platform, many designers have designed special WordPress restaurant themes to fulfill the demands of the growing clients. It is important to pay a close attention to the themes that one is using for your web, because you will want to set up the right kind of image for your restaurant or café for your targeted customers and many of them might have caught a glimpse of your shop from the Internet before visiting your place.

One of the conveniences with setting up your website with WordPress is that, not only do popular WordPress themes, their themes are also beautiful, and contains different features, they are also easy to manage and holds a lot of flexibility. For this topic, we will introduce some of the beautifully designed WordPress themes for restaurants, some of these themes featured here are available for free, but the others are premium themes that require a small fee.

One of the different between a normal WordPress theme to a WordPress restaurant theme is that, the theme is made particularly to whet the customer’s appetite. An effective restaurant or café website will need to provide visuals and information of their business to their customers. The visuals here being images of their food or the interior of their shops; other effective contents such as menu, special promotions, ingredients, contact details or perhaps a general map on how to get to the shop. There are also some restaurants who went out of their way to provide reservations and set up an online blog to increase interactivity between their business and their customers. For these there are a few WordPress themes here that offers online reservations managing systems as well as a blogging platform that runs together with the website.

If you managed to pick a good theme for your restaurant or café it will help to impress your customers even before they visit your shop. We hope our collection of WordPress restaurant themes can help you make your presence online and help you create a mouth watering website for your business.

Cafe Press

An out of the box solution for cafes and restaurants, packed with different customisation features.

Red, Red Wine

An elegant wordpress theme with customisable header in different pages, both widget and RSS ready.


Comes with a fully customisable front page and a custom control panel.


A theme that comes with a reservation system, allowing you to take, manage and edit your reservations online!


Gusteau is an original and unique theme for restaurants, pubs and bars, combines pure elegance with timeless design and superb technical qualities.

Bottega Theme

An easy to use wordpress themes that comes with Facebook integration.

Monmarthe Cafeteria WP

A template that features 4 different color schemes as well as a multi-level dropdown menu.

Foodilicious WordPress Theme

A cosy and simple theme made for cafes or Italian restaurants, it also come with a blog page allowing one to engage with your readers.

Aim WordPress Theme

A classy WordPress themes made for restaurants comes with built-in background uploader.


Comes incorporated with reservations and contact forms as well as a featured content slider.


A sweet template for a bakery or a cafe, comes with 2 other alternative colors with a jQuery slideshow.

Organic Restaurant Theme

Professional and elegant theme for restaurants and other eateries.


A unique web template for one to showcase your products in thumbnails.

Vitos WordPress Theme

A theme perfect for an Italian themed restaurant.


A beautiful premium WordPress theme suitable for all kinds of restaurants or cafes.

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