Dear WebDesignBooth’s reader, you may have noticed that we have a couple of new authors contributing their articles recently. This is the reason why we are updating the content for this page.

We hope to build a web design and development community and share knowledge among each other. However, writing great content takes time and effort. If WebDesignBooth is only maintained by 1-2 people, we don’t have the enough time for the content. That’s why we would like to invite guest writers to contribute or join our team. By doing so, each of the author can concentrate on their own articles.

Why People Want To Write Guest Article?

  1. Writing guest article means contributing to the community. Each one of us may have different skiils and experiences, and we can chare them through guest writing.
  2. Besides contributing to the design community, guest writing also expand your authority and exposure. We will display the author info at the bottom of each article. Our readers can get to know your name through the author info section. It is a good way to build your profile or even your brand. With more than 8k of RSS readers, we believe you could also get new readers/subscribers from us.
  3. SEO. You could place a couple of links at your author profile section. They are “dofollow”  links, which will build backlinks for your website/blog.
  4. Get paid. We do pay our regular writers. The amount of money is depends on the quality and length of article.

Who Can Submit their content to WebDesignBooth’s Writer?

Anyone can submit!. No matter you are a web designer, developer, copywriter, freelancer, SEO expert or simply a blogger. But we would require you to submit your previous articles for us. If you don’t have any writing experience, we may ask you to write a simple topic to determine your writing skill.

Our Topics

Our main topic here is about web design and development. However, we do looking for other type of articles such as freelancing tips, SEO advices and social media. To make sure you understand our topics, here we list down the area of interests:-

  1. Coding. Proramming and coding techniques including HTML, CSS, Javascripts, PHP and etc.
  2. Showcase. Roundup and showcase articles for beautiful web design, wallpapers and etc.
  3. Tools. Useful tools or applications collection for web developers and designers.
  4. Tips/Tricks. Various tips/tricks including freelance advices, server management skilld, WordPress tips and etc.
  5. CMS. Useful information or tutorials for customizing CMS such as WordPress or Joomla.
  6. SEO/social media. Tips and tutorials about Search Engine Optimization and social media that everyone should know.
  7. Tutorials. Original tutorials and step-by-step guides which cover various web design and development techniques. (wordpress, Jommla any manymore)
  8. Other Tech/Gadgets Related Topics


  1. We have editor to go through each submission and he will decide to approve or reject your work.
  2. The article must be original and must not be published elsewhere.
  3. The article must be within 1500-2000 words.
  4. Images must be within 500px.
  5. You must check and make sure you don’t have any grammar mistake before submit to us.
  6. No affiliate links are allowed in the content.

How To Apply?

To submit your article, just send us an Email using the contact form with a brief introduction such as your skill, profile, strength and area of interests.

If you have any previous works or websites/blogs, please attach the links also.

Lastly, please tell us your idea/topic that you would like to write about. You are free to suggest your topic to us too.