20 Good Hotel Website Designs For Your Inspirations


Many hotel websites are available, with just about every hotel, whether it’s a 1-star or 5-star, operating its own official webpage. However, are these platforms successfully showcasing their brands? Are they designed with the user in mind, providing a seamless experience for hotel guests? Are they filled with essential information? Do guests truly value these websites? Are these establishments aware that a well-constructed website can indeed serve as a magnet for prospective clients?

Having to stand out from their peers, a hotel is also required to have a good website rather than comfortable bed and superb services. It seems as a must in this information era. Think that you are choosing a hotel far away in your home or office chair and have to rely on their websites to judge whether you want to book it for few-night stay. Now, you realize that a hotel website design is important to showcase the hotel itself.

In this post, we share 20 hotel webdites to inspire you. They are chosen because they put efforts to perfect their hotel website designs. Others are neither not putting efforts nor having a bad website. Just they make us feel that they are sufficient to give you numerous idea of a good hotel website design. Hope that it is an awesome list for you as what we think.

Design a hotel website is a big capital investment. Somehow, hotel management should update and maintain it from time to time to avoid against any technical error. Remind you that it is an on-going effort before starting to know what are the common criterion to be a good hotel website design.

Every hotel having a website prays that an internet by-passer can be converted into a customer. Conversion rate is one of the ultimate objectives for a hotel website design. A simple yet gorgeous hotel website will let people to stay in the webpage longer. More seconds they stay, more opportunities that they will become your customers. You sure know your target groups, either backpackers or business travelers, and tailor the website atmosphere to match with your hotel and them.

Better hotel website design increases your online presence, indeed. Plain white background, small wording, long loading time, low-quality photos and much more can kick your customers out of the webpage. The worst case is that they might not browse your website again. Therefore, you can see how important is the overall impression. Other than beautiful appearance, functionality cannot be forgot too such as reservation and search tool. We talk more on hotel website image here before proceeding deeper to the functionality post in near future.

Browse some sites, select 20 hotel website designs and put them together in a post. If you know any nice and functional design too, welcome to share it with us!

Flora Group Hotels

Clean, brown design simply brings out the elegant hotel environment.

Epic Hotel

Blue water, blue sky and blue umbrella are combined to tell you the relaxing atmosphere of this hotel.

Hotel Chandler

Hotel Chandler has a neat layout with romantic New York City image.


Image color complements the whole design of Atlantis feeling.

James Buchanan

An elegant color scheme, with a touch of candle light, is James Buchanan Pub & Restaurant.

Hotel Prestige

It has a unique color palette that surprisingly does not bore people.

Coco Suites

A simple layout with no clutter is also the modern simplicity style of this hotel.

The Carlyle

A modern website design with decent colors.

Oliva Nova Golf

Another vivid website with a luxuriously relaxing sensation.

Paradiso Hotel

This might not be a knock-out but its vivid color refreshes every potential customer.

Aria Hotel

Clean and simple presentation with the Prague country in the background.

Hotel Belair

Image navigation in the left bottom corner allows you to see more of its hotel environment.

The Mira Hotel

A modern look in clean layout matches with the hotel interior design.

Campbell Gray

Rather than rest and relax, it gives another feeling of night fun and excitement.

Palms Casino Resort

It’s eye candy when hovering over those images.

Park City Hotel

Black background and a simple photo, with a touch of home warmth, makes up the website.


Its breathtaking background photo reveals its awesomeness in the smokies.


Children’s happiness on the snowy makes you want to stay in the hotel, conveying a feeling: I want to be there!

Sabi Sabi

Slide show with no flash and fast loading time is what makes it in this collection.

Banyan Tree Madivaru

A luxuriously looking design reveals the truth of a private island sanctuary.

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