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Search engine optimization is crucial for every business website. As a digital marketer or a businessman, you know how a well-structured website and quality content can increase traffic. However, have you ever wondered how Google sees your website? While search engine optimization is focused on the user’s convenience when using your website, Googlebot optimization is more complicated. It is how Google’s crawler accesses and sees your site. If you’re wondering about the poor searchability of your website after meeting all the necessary SEO rules, you must improve your Googlebot optimization. In this article, we will teach you how to use fetch as google and google search simulator to achieve success in Googlebot optimization. Googlebot Websites are very crucial especially if you’re promoting something such as events, products or informational blogs. The internet is very powerful that with just a single click or a single share, your website can reach millions of users over the internet. Moreover, you get a better chance of gaining more viewers if your website made it on the first two pages of the Google results. If you’re promoting your blog about web designs and viewers are about to search Google about the “best web design blog,” viewers will get an approximate 991,000,000 results. Clearly, no one would navigate a hundred-thousand-page just to get what they need. These viewers will only check the first two pages of Google where the most relevant sources are found.

Googlebot in a nutshell

Googlebot in a nutshell

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Googlebot refers to the search bot by Google that will access your web to produce an index. Others may regard it as the “spider.” As long as these crawlers are allowed to visit the page, they will add it to the accessible index. It helps to improve the visibility of your website to user’s search queries. Here are the following things that you should know about Googlebot:
  • The crawlers target websites with higher ranks and increase its visibility.

The Googlebot has a “crawl budget” that refers to the span of time these crawlers will spend on a site. If your website has a massive page’s authority, the bigger the crawl budget you receive. And bigger crawl budget means increased visibility.
  • The crawlers will never stop accessing your website

Keep in mind that the crawlers will always obtain your site, assuming you gave them the authority to do so. The “crawl rate” of your website is beneficial if you want to increase your website’s ranking. If your website receives a tremendous amount of social mentions, freshness, and shares, the more its rank increases. Developing a consistent content publishing is vital. The more you publish, the more you establish yourself and gets the crawler’s attention. It will most likely improve the brand awareness of your business.

How vital is Googlebot for your website?

Googlebot for your website Why bother on Googlebot optimization if you have perfected the search engine optimization? Googlebot is crucial for digital marketing. It is the perfect commercial solution that will get quality customers in the long run. If you want your business to appear with the most searched and favorite topics, Googlebot optimization is your best friend. Keep in mind that you should comply with Googlebot optimization before you proceed to SEO. Your quality content, professional-looking web layout, and advertising campaigns will be rendered useless if no one can see it. Ensuring that your website is accessible by crawlers and it has the most relevant pages will improve your brand campaign. After all, this is what digital marketing is all about. Googlebot optimization helps you to extend your arms to high-quality customers that are looking for the products or services that your company has to offer.

The Struggle of Website Publishers: How To Get To Page One

Googlebot Crawl Report As a website publisher, the main challenge is how to get your website from nothing to something. If you think you can personally write an email to Google and seek their help in putting your website on the first two pages of their search engine, it will certainly not work. I wish it’s as easy as that, but there are a lot of things to work out before you can really establish your website in that rank. To have your website included on the first few pages of Google results may seem impossible, but believe me, it’s possible. You just really need to work on your website content more because the information you put there is the most searchable part for search engines. You get a greater chance if you keep your website updated because it’s what attracts Googlebots. Did I just mention Googlebot? Yes, indeed! If you’re quite new to the term Googlebot, here’s what you need to know about it and how Googlebot sees your website.

Knowing Googlebots Further: What They Are and How They Work

At first, I strongly thought Googlebots are Google employees who work 24/7, searching for new and updated websites all over the internet. Googlebot It took me by surprise when I found out that these bots are just a computer program established by Google to search tons of websites conveniently and efficiently. These bots are also referred to as spiders or web crawlers. Talking further about Googlebots, these bots are intended to crawl whatever is there on the web, and they crawl via links. Every bot can find new contents, even updated ones and it’s responsible for suggesting which discoveries should be included in the index. These bots are very vital because they manipulate the index or what’s called Google’s brain. Google uses vast computers to release their bots for new discoveries, and these bots use a database of previously discovered links and sitemaps to decide where they go next. Whenever there’s a new link added on an existing site, these bots immediately add it on the list for next visitation. It will make it easier for these bots to reach your website if you make sure all your links are reachable. Here are a few more things you need to know about Googlebots:
  • Googlebots always crawl all websites, but they don’t crawl every page repeatedly. This is when the importance of the consistency of content marketing enters the picture. The more social mentions or backlinks you put on your site, the more you draw attention to bots.
  • Googlebots practice the importance of privacy; hence, they access your website’s robots.txt section first and foremost before anything else. If there are pages which you don’t want to keep away from access, these bots will comply and will not include it in Google’s index.
  • Googlebots crawl on important page-ranked websites more than others. The greater the authority a page has, the more crawlers it receives. Moreover, the total time given by these bots to your website is what they call the “crawl budget.”
  • Googlebots utilize the sitemap.xml to explore further the areas that need to be indexed. As these bots don’t crawl on all the pages of your website, the sitemaps can be advantageous because these maps can advise Google regarding the metadata of categories such as images, videos, news, and mobile.
Optimize Crawl Budget for SEO

How Can I Optimize My Joomla Website for Googlebot?

To optimize your Joomla website for Googlebot, utilize a responsive design that ensures seamless browsing across various screens. Implement clean HTML markup, proper meta tags, and relevant keywords to improve search engine visibility. Additionally, optimize loading speed, enhance user experience, and focus on mobile optimization. Explore various beautiful Joomla website designs to create an appealing interface that captivates both users and the Googlebot.

Will Connecting Yoast SEO to Google Search Console affect how Googlebot sees my website?

Yes, connecting Yoast SEO to Google Search Console can impact how Googlebot sees your website. This yoast seo google search console connection allows for better communication between the two platforms, ensuring that your website is being properly indexed and analyzed by Google. It can help improve your website’s visibility and ranking.

Hacks on How to Be an Attractive Website for Googlebots

Googlebots are very helpful, especially in promoting your website further until it qualifies on the relevant section. However, since these are just programmed to do what they are supposed to, there’s no way you can control them. What you can only do is to continuously improve your website until it becomes worthy for a higher rank. It’s very crucial for your website to be indexed as much as possible to help you gain more viewers from time to time. Here are some hacks on how to have a Googlebot optimized site: google bot love your site
  • Don’t focus too much on looking fancy – Fancy Javascript, DHTML, Ajax content and frames are fascinating but not for Googlebots. These bots are struggling in crawling on websites with fancy features as these features keep the bots from seeing your website in its text browser form.
  • Keep in mind to create fresh content – Googlebots love fresh content. It’s important to publish up-to-date contents, regardless if your website is low-ranked because these bots will crawl on your content more frequently.
  • Introduce infinite scrolling for your pages – When you introduce infinite scrolling on your website, you’re certainly boosting your chance to be noticed by Googlebots. This kind of scrolling doesn’t limit the chance of these bots to crawl on your website further.
  • Make use of Internal Linking more often – Googlebot sees internal linking as their map as they begin crawling on your website. The more tight-knit and incorporated your linking structure is, the more these bots will explore your website.
Two Ways to Test Your Website:
  • Using fetch as Google

fetch as Google Fetch is a Google tool that will allow you to determine if Google can crawl into your website. This handy tool works by simulating crawl similar to how the Googlebot works. Here’s how you can use it: Step 1: First, you must run the fetch. Enter the path component of your site’s URL that you want to test. If you leave the textbox empty, it will automatically direct to your homepage. Important note: Fetch does not work on redirect pages. Make sure to do it manually. A status description will appear and sends instructions to do so. Step 2: This step will allow you to select the Googlebot type that you wanted Fetch to execute on. It will render your fetch request and will affect Google’s crawler in making the fetch. Here are the classifications that you can choose from: Desktop
  • For web pages, it will use the Googlebot crawler.
  • For pictures, it will use the Googlebot image crawler.
  • For advertising homepage, it will use the Google Adsbot crawler.
  • Upcoming- utilizes the Google Smartphone crawler updated version.
  • Current- uses the traditional Google Smartphone crawler.

Step 3:

You can now render your request. Upon executing, it will show the HTTP response of your website and the platform that you are fetching on. It applies to images as well. You can use this to examine any visual differences on how Google sees your website and how the users see it. Upon completion of the request, your fetch history table will gather the date. You will see the success and failure rates in history. If you want to know additional details on failed fetches, you can request for it.
Important note: You have 10 fetches as your regular quota.
  • Using Google search simulator

This tool is easier to use compared to fetch. All you need to do is enter the URL of your website or the web page that you wanted to check. After doing so, wait for a few seconds while the Google search simulator renders your request. It will display the content of how users exactly see your website. Since SEO cannot analyze text in gif or jpeg files, using this tool is vital. The report will show you how your primary keyword is utilized on the page. All the necessary information that will help you improve your website and brand awareness are in the content. You can download the Google search simulator from your web store or go to this link to get started. New Googlebot Enhances Mobile Search Optimization


Both fetch and Google search simulator are useful when checking your website’s standing in Googlebot optimization. Optimizing a larger crawl budget for your website, aside from having a proper SEO, will help to drive massive traffic. It may often be overlooked but being technical is the new SEO. Apart from the SEO components that you need to take care of, increasing your visibility is as important. By creating unique content and ensuring that your site is accessible, it will improve your digital marketing strategy drastically. Googlebot optimization and Search Engine Optimization are vital keys to digital marketing success. Let us know what you’ve learned today by sharing your thoughts below! We’d love to hear other tools that you use in checking the accessibility of Google crawlers to your website. What other tools can you use to help Google see your website? Keeping the long story short, Googlebots can definitely help you increase the rank of your website by continuously adding your up-to-date contents on the index. As these bots will always visit some pages of your website every day, it’s very important to maintain a competitive content to work on your website’s rank. You need to keep in mind that the larger the scale of change is, the more bots you can draw for better results.

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