10 Advantages and Disadvantages of Pop-Up Ads This 2018

Pop-Up Browser Ads

I will share with you the 10 advantages and disadvantages of pop-up ads based on my experience.

Pop-up ads work when a user hovers a mouse to a certain part of the webpage or when the user navigates the page. This user’s action triggers an ad to pop-up. This advertising technique forces the users to look at the advertisement whether they like it or not.


popup ads for revenue

1. You can help other people make money through your ads.

Aside from banner ads, some bloggers or websites make use of pop-up ads to monetize their content or site. There are available services online which they can use to create mobile popups to sell your product.  

If your affiliate has set up the pop-up right, the ad will become beneficial to you and the website owner too.

2. It is effective in grabbing people’s attention.

According to AKA Marketing, the pop-up ads are 50 percent more effective in grabbing people’s attention compared to banners. Therefore, this advertising method will not let you down if your goal is to get your target market’s attention.

3. It is impossible for people to ignore the ad.

No matter what the users do, by hovering to a certain part of the page or staying on a page for a few seconds, a pop-up ad will appear. Unless the users install pop-up blocking software, there is no way that the users can avoid seeing the ad. They will see it whether they like it or not.

4. It may increase your conversion rate.

The pop-up ad, if used and placed correctly, can increase the site’s conversion rate. If the ad is compelling and engaging enough, it may compel the people to click the ad, and this click contributes to the conversion rate.

5. You can completely customize your pop-up ads.

Even though pop-ups are annoying to many users, you are still lucky to be able to manage the content of the pop-ups. It is up to you to make it effective or not.

6. You can use a pop-up to ask for feedback.

Just like what has been mentioned, you can customize your pop-up. You can use it to ask for engagement or opinions from your clients.

7. You can increase your website’s traffic.

Although it can affect the viewership of the website that introduces your pop-up ad, it can be an advantage for you. If the visitors from the other website click your ad, they will be directed to your site or product.

8. You can gain subscribers.

Your number of subscribers might increase if your visitors see that your website has value and your pop-ups are adequately placed and appear at the right time.

9. You can make your visitors stay on your website for a while.

You can use the pop-ups to warn your visitors that they are about to leave your website. You can also state to your pop-ups what they are going to miss if they leave your website.

10. It may give you loyal customers or readers.

If you know what content you should put on your pop-ups, some of your readers might love your website or your brand more because of the value that they can receive.

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1. It made a bad reputation because of its history.

In the past, advertising through pop-ups was commonly used by frauds to introduce malicious software. Adult websites have used and have been using pop-ups for advertising. Although reputable companies and websites are already using pop-ups, you cannot deny its dark history that affects the negative mindset of people.

2. It makes the users feel that the advertisement is being forced down to their throat.

Even though AKA Marketing has found out that pop-up ads are more noticeable than banners, they also discovered that computer users considered pop-up ads to be 100 percent intrusive. They feel that the advertisement is being forced onto them.

3. It may hurt the brand’s reputation.

Users may feel negatively toward the brand featured in the ad because of intrusion and other reasons. Therefore, the result may backfire. The intrusion might let the user feels hostile towards the product or the brand which will drive them away from it.

4. It can affect the reputation of the other websites too.

If a third-party website allows your ad into their page and the user feels negative about your product because of the intrusive pop-up ad, the user might also avoid that website’s page or website.

5. It takes away the attention on the site’s main content.

If a particular website allows your ad on their webpage, that webpage’s visitor will be redirected to the advertiser’s webpage or product upon clicking the ad. This action can make the visitor forget about the content of the original webpage or take away the visitor’s attention from the webpage of origin.  

6. Some bloggers or website owners do not like pop-up ads.

It is because the pop-up ads can take their visitors away from their site.

7. Pop-up blockers make the pop-up advertising useless.

To be noticed by your target audience is the main reason why you want to advertise your product or services through a pop-up ad. However, if the user has a pop-up blocker enabled on the browser or installed on the user’s device, the goal of the pop-up ad will become useless.

8. The effectiveness of the pop-up ad can diminish over time.

Due to the growing number of pop-up ads used by several companies, the number of software being used to block these pop-up ads is also increasing. The quality of these kinds of software is becoming more effective too. Therefore, the effectiveness of pop-ups diminishes over time as well.

9. Pop-up advertisements are not for a long-term marketing solution.

The first time the banner ads are introduced to the users, it showed strong rates of click through. However, these rates began to deteriorate over time. Therefore, it is possible that it can happen with pop-ads too.

10. Pop-ups are one of the most hated forms of advertisement.

Pop-ups garnered 73 percent of disapproval rating from consumers. 70 percent of people expressed their dislike for pop-up ads.

These 10 advantages and disadvantages of pop-up ads show that even though this marketing method seems annoying to most people, they are still effective. If it is not effective, businesses will not use them anymore.

People can appreciate the ads. It is just that they do not want ads that will make them feel dumb or stalked. They also do not like intrusive ads.

For this reason, it is in the advertisers’ hands to make the pop-ups look less intrusive or unwanted. It is their responsibility to learn how to place their pop-ups on the webpage. Moreover, it is their responsibility to determine what kind of content they should add to their ads.

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