25 Dieselpunk Themed Desktop Wallpapers


Dieselpunk is a nuanced off-shoot of the more renowned cyberpunk movement, bearing similarities to its sibling genre, Steampunk. The distinguishing factor of Dieselpunk, however, is its departure from pseudo Victorian themes. Instead, it finds its muse in the period of the 1940s, portraying strong affiliations with historical periods and stimulating, creative imagery. At the heart of this genre and the philosophies that accompany it is a society profoundly reliant on diesel fuel, which results in the frequent depiction of diesel-powered machines. Dieselpunk also explores alternate historical scenarios, altering certain time periods to portray them as nonexistent. Furthermore, the artistic components of Dieselpunk often respect the principles of art deco, while regularly utilizing recurring symbols such as pipes and gauges.

Here’s a collection of the best desktop wallpapers that incorporate all of these themes in various ways.

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

What better way to start than with an Angelina Jolie lookalike piloting plane. Great imagery as the formation is seen in the background.


The girl theme continues as this dungaree wearing mechanic sets to work on a cross between a tank and R2D2.

Flight of Fancy

An extremely large retro style airship passing over an ancient city.

Desert Vulcan

Two rustic battleships glide through a desert wasteland.

Present and Correct For Duty

Female pilot takes a puff on a cigarette as she prepares to take to the skies.


A young woman is astride a hovercraft/bike over a minimalist desert/sky background.

Cruising Down the Backstreet

The first dieselpunk car on the list. This is reminiscent of a gangster style mode of transport.

Majesty of the Skies

A striking image we see here of a cruise liner/ spaceship hybrid flying through the clouds.

Curves In All The Right Places

A fully fledged high performance bike with sleek lines and exaggerated tail pipes.

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow #2

Second appearance by Angelina Jolie in the list, but then again who’s complaining.

Unidentified Flying Object

A totally rad flying machine heading into the abyss.

Chilling with the Top Down

This contraption could be any number of things but suffice to say it’s a locomotive shaped hover car.

Wing Commander

Pilot looks set to go on a mission in this WW2 setting as plane waits in the background.

Towers of Power

The industrial setting is ubiquitous and we have an example here with vertical pipes and chimneys included.

Grand Central Diesel

Trains are probably the most prominent diesel powered machines. A locomotive is pulled up at a station. The suspicious looking femme fatale adds boldness to the image, without question.

Pilot Chicks

Dieselpunk fashion with girls representing and a 1940’s plane in the background.


A sketch of 50′s style diesel bus/ RV with child over looking it.

Industrial Backdrop

In the foreground we see a gas tank with an airship in the background. Pure dystopia.

Bits and Bobs

A nicely shot abstract vision of the mechanics at the essence of Dieselpunk.

The Halls of Innovation

The scene highlights the industrialised vibe with film noir tones. Vertical pipes and gauges – a real statement of dieselpunk.

Flying Through the Air

A common theme in the world of Dieselpunk, a 1950′s style craft whizzes past the buildings below.

Glamour Shot

A bit of a spicy scene of a photographer snapping a naked lady.

Mountainous Metropolis

A beautiful, sketched landscape displaying diesel transport in motion.

Prêt A Porter Diesel

An elegant design depicting a lady in chic clothing and Dieselpunk symbol in the centre.

Mid Air Collision

A rocket man takes out the enemy in an alternative take on the classic dog fight.

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