How Can the Web Give a Company a Competitive Advantage?

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The competitive advantages of a company can come in varying forms, and you might have executed some strategies to achieve a few of those advantages.

Your company may have already advanced quite well in a race with your competitors by building a reputation over the years or by beating competition through better services, features, and prices.

Since more companies are appearing like mushrooms in the business world, you need to add some strategy that can keep or pull you up the rank ladder. You have to offer your customers an authentic two-way experience.

Because of the advancement of technology, people always prefer fast and convenient service, which means that they wouldn’t wait for a page that takes a lot of time to load.

If they become bored, they might look for another company offering the same product, and you will be forgotten. To keep clients, you must provide them with availability, reachability, security, and speed.

Steps in Using the Web for Competitive Advantage

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Here are steps that you can perform to utilize the internet for your organization’s competitive advantage:

1. Offer Availability and Reachability

Every company’s goal must be to provide their customers with full performance and access to their preferred market. To achieve this, you must continuously monitor your Internet Performance’s state.

You must make a checklist and analyze if your company is offering a pleasant service to your clients with regards to technology.

Moreover, you must avoid service outages as this may affect your availability to the clients. Make sure that you monitor your cloud assistance from time to time to prevent this kind of problems.

Similarly, reachability can also affect your clients’ access to your site and services. You have to keep monitoring and solve problems if there are any before they worsen.

It is advised that you plan strategies in case of an outage. If you are prepared for these kinds of situation, you will be able to have an advantage over competitors who are down. As a result, you can give what the clients’ expect from you, and you will build brand loyalty.

2. Optimize Website’s Performance

Just like an outage, slow services should also be avoided at all times. Technology advancement and the switching of people to mobile devices added clients’ expectation of a higher performance compared in the past.

Recently, Amazon has calculated that they had $1.6 billion lost sales every year due to a one-second slower page load.

Many companies are spending money on upgrading their performance tools, but only a few of them took the time to understand the slow internet’s effect on their customer.

Just like what happened to Amazon, a slower performance can affect your brand and your sales. It is best to predict and prevent disruption before it happens, provide network flexibility, and higher speed to achieve positive effects on your business.

3. Monitor the Internet

The best thing to do to gain competitive web advantages is to follow what is happening across the internet carefully. You have to understand the effects of redirects and outages to your company, your clients and your sales. Having the internet to aid your company doesn’t mean that you’ll leave all the work to it and pray that your company will become successful.

Every day there are at least 3,000 Internet outages all over the planet. Some of those outages may be harmless, but there are some that caused significant disruptions.

Last summer, Netflix, Amazon Web Services, ISP X, and Apple Music experienced a high number of network failures and outages.

In connection to that, your job is not only to monitor your company’s internet connection, but you also have the cut down the risks and protect customers and sales. You can do that if you can avoid disruptions and reroute.

Software that Can Help You Achieve Competitive Advantage

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You may be wondering: “what is one way an information system can provide competitive advantages?” Fortunately, you can use the following software to mitigate risk, improve business insight, and increase productivity.

1. A line of Business or LOB Applications

Your company might own an application that is designed for a particular business that you have.

Other similar companies can own it too because you are in the same industry that needs the same solution to the same problems.

Unfortunately, some studies show that 40% of these applications’ functions and features are never used while 20% are rarely used.

Yes, it may not be necessary to use every function of your application, but some of those features might add to your competitive advantage if you use it.

After reading this article, you might want to re-evaluate the application that you’re using and see if there are functions that you can utilize to improve your company.

2. Custom Applications

There is a possibility that the LOB application that you are using in your company was developed as a custom application by someone who is in the same industry as you. It can be that one of your suppliers or one of your competitors are trying to solve a problem that you are also facing, which then resulted in a custom application.

Custom applications are gold because they can offer you tools and features that others don’t have. This means that you can solve your problem way better compared to other similar companies.

3. Business Productivity and Communication

Almost all companies own these kinds of software. Your company might be using Lync, Exchange, Microsoft, and such.

Competitive AdvantageSince there are a lot of businesses that use these software applications, it is best that you practice proficiency. You can do that by providing training for your employees.

Remember that these tools mean nothing if you don’t know how to use them correctly for the betterment of your company.

The things that we mentioned above are just a few ways and strategies to turn your website into a cost-efficient and money-generating machine effectively. We encourage you to optimize the use of available materials and to continually update to new technologies that can be more beneficial to the company. However, make sure to research first before applying technological strategies.

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