What is an Ultrabooks: A Complete Guide For Beginners This 2019

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In today’s era known as the digital age, people are becoming “technology-inclined.” It means that technological devices such as smartphones, tablets, and netbooks are becoming a significant part of our daily lives, whether we are aware of it or not. Because of these recent advancements in technology, people have also become accustomed to using Ultrabooks. You might see these portable computers almost everywhere today, although some may not know what these are called. You would see one in a coffee shop, tech store, commercials, and advertisements; you even have friends and relatives who own one. But what exactly is an Ultrabook? Is it similar to a notebook or a netbook? Does it differ from a PC or Mac? Here is the answer; the term was coined after an intensive user experience research found out what users are looking for on a portable computer. Based on this study, the ease of use, quick boot time, sleek and slim design, long battery life, and superb computing power are some of the things people want to have. To put it just, an Ultrabook is a portable computer packed with top-notch computing power.

The Difference Between Ultrabook, Notebooks, and Netbooks.

Types of Laptops You usually see and hear the terms Ultrabook, Notebook, and Netbooks. But what is the difference between them? Below are some details that can help you distinguish each kind:

• Netbook

It is the cheapest type of three ultrabooks in the market. It is lightweight and is usually slender, but lacks in the computing power department. This kind of portable computer is mainly used for office applications such as spreadsheets, word processor, and presentation software. Applications which are resource intensive could possibly not be able to run on this kind of computer. Despite its lack of features, it costs slightly cheaper than notebooks and netbooks. It is intended for people who are looking for a computer that is capable of basic functionalities.

• Notebook

This is what most people consider as a “regular laptop.” It is much larger than both the netbook and ultrabook. It can do a decent task and some basic functionalities such as common applications to running minor video editing software. This type of portable computer is suitable for people who need a laptop with more computing power than netbooks, but not complicated.

• Ultrabook

It is the most potent kind of laptop among the three. It packs the best specs for a portable computer. The price range of this laptop is included in the expensive part of the spectrum. Nowadays, the term Ultrabook has become synonymous with the portable computer having top-notch performance and superb computing power. It only means that you can run resource intensive programs and applications in an obviously faster time, and smoother workflow in this kind of portable computer.
To explain further, here are some features of Ultrabook that makes it different from a netbook, notebook, or PC.

Slim Design

This portable computer is known for its slim design. In fact, the primary goal of this device is for it to be totally portable. It is designed to be carried around anywhere without any discomfort. Its slim design makes everything possible. It usually has an average thickness of 0.71 inches. The screen-display ranges from 11 inches to 15 inches. There’s definitely no limit to these devices because it’s usually just around 3 and 4.5 pounds.

Quick Bootup Time

The word “boot” in computer jargon refers to the point when a computer starts until it is turned on, showing the main screen or the “desktop.” Ultrabook features a quick boot up time and helps you work on your task faster. It is a significant feature of this portable computer because it can be used anytime when you need to get something done.

Has a Number of Ports

Another feature of this portable computer is the availability of ports. While some brands tend to shy away from this feature, most Ultrabooks has a complete set of ports for your needs. Some of these ports are USB Type C, USB 3.0/2.0, SD card reader, and a Thunderbolt port.

Long Battery Life

It is perhaps an essential feature of this portable computer that most tech people love. It can last long without the need to charge each time. Most of these devices continue for a minimum of 8 hours and a maximum of up to 12 hours of battery.

Powerful Processor

Another feature which sets Ultrabook apart from the common laptop is the improved computing power due to its powerful processor. These multi-core processors are able to run large, resource-intensive applications without any lag.

Unique Features

Most of these portable computers have unique features installed in them. These depend on their manufacturers. For example, some have touchscreen capabilities while others can keep track of your e-mails and social media activity even if your computer is in sleep mode. Some even have a tablet – laptop properties. It means that you can detach the keyboard to work on the screen as a tablet.

Huge Memory

Most of these portable computers today have a large memory or RAM installed. When using a computer, the larger the RAM is, the smoother your applications will run. It makes the process of editing videos and playing games very easy to do.

Fast Processor

These portable computers usually come with SSD (Solid State Drives). These drives are a lot faster than conventional spinning drives.

Benefits of using an Ultrabook

Woman with ultrabook Now that you know what an Ultrabook is and its features, the next question to ask about now are the benefits you would have from these ultra-powerful devices.

Do Work Anywhere, Anytime

With Ultrabook, you can do your work anywhere and anytime. Just hook up to a Wi-Fi connection, and you’re good to go. This system is beneficial to freelancers who typically don’t have an office. Also, most companies today are embracing the “work from home” approach with the employees doing work in the comfort of their homes.


As mentioned above, this kind of device allows you to do your work anytime and anywhere. The vital factor which made this possible is the fact that it is designed and geared towards portability. Ultrabook is designed with slim features and lightweight build. It can easily fit in your bag because it’s light-weighted as well.

Run Resource Intensive Applications Smoothly

With specs and impressive features available in these portable computers, freelancers and work-from-home employees could do resource intensive tasks on their computers, such as video editing and 3D rendering. These tasks usually require a PC or Mac in offices or at home, but with Ultrabooks, they can be done in coffee shops, in the park, or even on the train.

Better Battery Life

These devices are designed to be used for extended hours without the need to charge from time to time. It was achieved with an installed battery that can be used for 10 – 12 hours max! This feature is beneficial for people who are always on the go. The reality is that you wouldn’t have access to a nearby port all the time so you will need a battery which can last long.

Cool and Stylish Designs

Aside from the powerful computing powers and cool features, Ultrabook is also designed in a way that would make people take a second on your device. These devices are not cheap both in quality and price. In fact, they could be one of the most expensive portable computers out there. Manufacturers even go the extra mile to add a stylish and elegant design that it truly deserves. Who wants an unpleasant laptop anyway?

The computer of the Future

It seems to be a bold statement, but considering the number of portable computers released each year, it could possibly be the future of networks. With the ever-increasing computer power and improving performance and efficiency each year, it is most likely to happen. People can expect a lot of improvement in the latter years. So now that you are well aware of the benefits and advantages of these kinds of devices, the next question you should be asking about is the perfect choice you should buy. With a number of portable computers in the market today, choosing the one that will fit your needs is a difficult task. Here is a quick guide on how you could take into account when looking to buy your own.

What is the Difference Between an Ultrabook and a Gaming Laptop?

The contrast between the gigabyte aero 15xbk4 and the acer predator 17 emphasizes the distinction between an ultrabook and a gaming laptop. The gigabyte aero 15xbk4 is renowned for its sleek style and mobility, whereas the acer predator 17 is tailored to satisfy gaming enthusiasts with its robust hardware and exceptional graphics capacity. These two systems are custom designed to accommodate specific needs and preferences in operation and visual allure.

Guide in choosing the right one for you


It is the first thing you should take into account because portable computers are not cheap. As mentioned earlier, they can be found on the list of the most expensive computers in the market. That’s why it is essential to check the price first and select the ones that will suit your budget. Never go over your budget, as it will cause you a lot of financial problems in the long run. You can always invest in a decent Ultrabook at a low price. You can do this by opting for older models. For example, if the provider is offering the Ultrabook 2017 model, then try to compare the price with the 2016 model’s range. The specs are almost the same, only with some small differences. In that way, you can still have your own Ultrabook at a lower price.


These gadgets are designed to be ultra-portable. It means that they are designed to be lightweight and easily carried to places. Though some tend to be heavy, you can choose from the ones which are light enough to be carried in your backpack. You can bring it anywhere to increase your productivity.

Screen Resolution

Another important factor that you should observe is screen resolution. Portable computers vary when it comes to the resolution. Some have better resolution than others. If you are working on graphics or just preferring a clearer and much brighter screen, then you can choose an Ultrabook with this feature. If you opt for a not-so-good screen resolution, there are still portable computers available in this category. However, it is worth noting that the ones with brighter and better screen resolution cost more than screens with average resolution.


Primarily, all Ultrabooks are designed to offer you with excellent performance. Some are even designed with more computing power, which would be suitable for people who do a lot of work using the computer. You can get to choose which one is more fitted for the level of your work. Remember that the more powerful its performance is, the more it cost, so be sure to choose wisely.

Can Ultrabooks Support and Run Portable Apps for Web Design and Development?

Ultrabooks are powerful enough to support and run useful portable web apps for web design and development. These apps offer the flexibility to work from anywhere without sacrificing functionality. With an Ultrabook, you can seamlessly access and utilize a variety of useful portable web apps to streamline your workflow.

Uses of an Ultrabook

uses of ultrabook Now that you know the capabilities of an Ultrabook, you probably ask what types of situations do they become useful? Here are some of the applications of these powerful devices.

1. Gaming

It is perhaps the main reason why ultrabooks are well sought-after today. Computer games nowadays rely on high-end computers to work correctly, that’s why more and more gamers are looking to buy these devices. Because of their ultra-high specs, ultrabooks are well capable of handling these resource intensive games. So if you are a gamer, then an ultrabook is a must-have for you!

2. For on-the-go writers

If you are a writer who goes to different places when looking for inspiration to write, then an ultrabook is also for you. It allows you to work and use it for the long hours of usage without charging. It will surely enable you to finish what your work even before your device runs out of energy.

3. For heavy office works

Ultrabooks are also useful in the office. Some office works require a massive amount of data to be loaded on your computers every day. With the specs of an ultrabook, it will surely handle all of this.

4. Image and video editing

These devices are practically helpful if you tend to edit images and videos for a living. Video editing, in particular, requires a lot of resources and computing power. Ultrabooks are designed to handle this kind of work. The task that usually takes around 5 – 10 hours on a regular laptop can be done in just 1 hour in an ultrabook.

5. 3D Animators

Ultrabooks are capable of handling intensive 3D animations. 3D animations require a lot of resources, most especially when it comes to rendering. These devices are usually the best choice of animators in modeling, rendering, and animating 3D computer graphics.

6. Software development

Ultrabooks are pretty useful when developing applications since it requires a lot of sources and computing power. Most of the ultrabooks are designed to handle these kinds of work. If you are an application developer or software developer, then having an ultrabook can do wonders for your work.

7. Game Development

Game developers seem to choose ultrabooks rather than any traditional laptops. Since game development is a pretty resource-intensive process that requires enormous computing power, developers prefer to use ultrabooks because of its powerful capabilities and features. Girl working with laptop on beach


Ultrabooks are powerful devices that are capable of helping you work on a lot of tasks. They are packed with enough computing power to run large resource-intensive applications smoothly. Functions such as 4K video rendering, 3D modeling, and gaming will be a lot easier and smoother in these kinds of computers. They are designed to be ultra-portable for you to bring anywhere you want. It is achieved by making its build as light and thin as possible. These devices are created with vision and elegance in mind; therefore, most of them are given a beautiful and stylish design. Also, the battery life of Ultrabooks has dramatically improved compared to traditional laptops and netbooks. The battery lasts around 12 hours or up to 9 to 10 hours with heavy use. It is a perfect fit for people who are always on the go. Because of their high-end specs, ultrabooks are suitable for gamers, people who are always on-the-, video and image editors, heavy office workers, 3D animators, software, and game developers. It is clearly the reason why people tend to go for an ultrabook instead of a regular laptop. The downside of these devices is the high price. These are usually more expensive than others from the list of tools out there. It is only because of the impressive computing power and performance it could offer. Lastly, another downside is storage capacity. Some of these portable computers use fast SSDs; however, they usually come with low storage. Because of this, you would be required to have an external hard disk for additional storage. Overall, owning this portable computer in this day and age is truly beneficial to everyone. People are always on the go; therefore, having a powerful device like Ultrabook is very handy. Not only can it be used for gaming, but more importantly for business applications. So if you are a gamer wanting to upgrade the hardware or a businessman looking for a powerful and portable computer, then Ultrabook is the best computer for you!

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