How To Send Mass Emails Individually: A Complete Guide

How To Send Mass Emails Individually

Personalized mass emails catered to each recipient have revolutionized how businesses build intimate ties with their clients and shareholders. In the current digital landscape filled with generic, wide-ranging emails, getting an email meticulously curated just for you can be a delightful change. As such, custom-made mass emails provide businesses with an ideal approach, merging productivity with a touch of personalization.

Are you intrigued? Well, strap in as we unravel a comprehensive step-by-step guide on making your mass emails feel like they’ve been tailor-made.

The Importance of Individualized Mass Emails

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When it comes to engagement and open rates, individualized mass emails have definitely carved out a top spot. By including personal elements in each email, you construct a bridge of trust with your recipients, increasing the odds that your message will be read and responded to.

Moreover, individualizing your emails can also lead to better email deliverability, ensuring your emails reach the intended inbox instead of being sidelined into the junk mail.

Crafting Emails That Speak to Each User

Each user of your service is unique, and so should be the emails they receive. Email personalization can spike up engagement, leading to an 11% increase in open rates and 27% higher click rates. The mantra here is simple – the contents of the email need to resonate with the recipient. This way, they’ll feel more connected with your message, prompting them to explore the contents of your email further.

Side-Stepping the Pitfalls of Bulk Emails

Sending out mass emails can sometimes feel like walking on eggshells. Spam is an ever-looming issue in email marketing – services like Gmail may restrict your access if there’s a sudden surge in outgoing mail. In some serious cases, legal repercussions can ensue if the recipients have not consented to receive your emails.

Tread wisely by ensuring consent before sending out mass emails. Shuffle and change your email’s content to avoid seeming identical and spammy. If you offer valuable, relevant content in your emails, your recipients will await your emails with bated breath.

Unleashing the Power of Individualized Mass Emails

Let’s delve into the techniques of delivering individualized mass emails. There are multiple methods to prune your content to perfection and reach out on a personal level to all recipients.

Gmail BCC: A Secret Weapon for Mass Emails

Gmail’s BCC feature presents a seamless, discreet way to send out mass emails. Here’s a walkthrough – open Gmail and hit the ‘Compose’ button to open the message box. You will see ‘To,’ ‘Cc,’ and ‘Bcc.’ Select ‘Bcc’ to start using it.

Next, enter the email addresses of your contacts in this field, making sure to double-check every address for accuracy to avoid any mishaps. Then, compose your message and hit send! With the BCC feature, you can relay group emails in utmost confidentiality. Gmail’s BCC is the secret weapon you need to advantageously send out group emails.

Multi-send in Gmail: Discreetly Effective

Gmail’s Multi-send option is a game-changer – it allows you to dispatch individualized mass emails. It brings a personalized touch to each mass email while saving time and effort.

To navigate this feature, head to Gmail and click on the Compose button. Then, select the double envelope icon to switch to the Multi-send mode. Now, adjust and modify the content of each email, including personalized greetings or recipient-specific information. Gmail’s Multi-send mode is undoubtedly an efficient and convenient process to deliver personalized mass emails without the need for any external tools or services.

Streamlining Email Dispatch with Mailmeteor

If you’ve ever wished for an assistant to help send out individual emails, here’s the next best thing – Mailmeteor. This tool eases the process of delivering personalized mass emails using data from a Google Sheet or CSV file.

Through Mailmeteor, you can include fields like names or addresses in your emails, enabling you to create intricate, customized messages that pique the interest of each recipient. Emails that speak personally to each client automatically feel engaging and effortlessly enhance your open rates.

Navigating Challenges in Sending Personalized Mass Emails

While individualized mass emails are an effective tool, they come with their own set of hurdles. From dealing with spam filters to keeping a professional tone, let’s explore some potential challenges you might face and how to best navigate them.

Tackling Spam Filter Woes

Spam filters are an email marketer’s friend and foe. They help in preventing unwanted and potentially harmful emails from reaching users’ inboxes. However, in their quest to weed out spammy emails, they could inadvertently flag your emails as spam.

To tackle this, it’s useful to adhere to a couple of strategies. You can include an ‘unsubscribe’ option in your emails, indicating that you respect your recipients’ choices to reduce the likelihood of being flagged as spam. Furthermore, it’s smart to carefully curate your email’s content – certain key phrases or words could trip those spam filters, landing your meticulously crafted email in the spam folder.

Managing the Recipient’s Count

When sending individualized mass emails, it’s crucial to consider the email volume dictated by your service provider. This limit on recipient count can affect your email campaign, so it’s important to plan accordingly.

One way to tackle this challenge is to spread your large audience over several campaigns or utilize professional email marketing services that offer higher sending limits.

Handling Replies from Recipients

Managing replies from a massive recipient pool can be challenging and unwieldy. A sizeable influx of replies can be increasingly difficult to process and handle.

This challenge can be mitigated by organizing your responses via an email management tool or software that categorizes replies and identifies trends. Having systems in place for managing responses ensures timely replies and fosters a sense of connection between you and your audience.

Maintaining Professionalism

While sending individualized mass emails, a professional demeanor assures credibility and trustworthiness. A neat and structured format helps in easy reading and understanding. Moreover, ensure that your emails are grammatically correct and concise.

Remember, it’s also important to include the necessary contact information at the end of each email. This can include your name, company details, position, and further contact information. Maintaining professionalism while providing useful, personalized content will help your recipients see the value in your emails and look forward to your communication.

Recommended Solutions For Sending Individualized Mass Emails

There’s a wealth of services available that ease sending individualized mass emails. These services offer a wide range of features, from customizable email templates, contact list management, comprehensive analytics to automation tools that streamline your email marketing process.


Selzy is an excellent choice for sending individualized mass emails. It offers unique features that make it a cost-effective, user-friendly option. Selzy allows you to easily personalize your emails to each recipient, improving engagement and open rates. The advanced tools provided by Selzy help you avoid potential issues with bulk emails, such as spam filters.


Mailchimp is a leading email marketing service that specializes in bulk email campaigns. With the ability to use custom merge tags, users can include unique information for each recipient, which significantly improves engagement and open rates. By setting up an audience in Mailchimp and creating different segments, you can easily send follow-up emails or automated campaigns.


AWeber simplifies bulk email marketing, making it easy to schedule and send segmented emails. This improves your open and engagement rates, leading to more successful communication. With its user-friendly features, AWeber is a useful tool for designing effective email marketing campaigns.


Sendinblue stands out with its proprietary technology, enabling the sending of larger emails more easily. With user-friendly interface and affordable pricing plans, it is a fantastic option for those looking to improve their email marketing skills. Sendinblue also allows SendGrid to be used as a transactional email service, adding to its flexibility and convenience.


HubSpot allows users to create and send marketing emails in their account using the classic editor. With personalization tokens, you can customize the greeting for each email to make it more specific and relevant. HubSpot is a reliable solution for those looking to send mass emails efficiently while maintaining a professional appearance.


Last but not least, ConvertKit simplifies the process of sending individualized mass emails. Its email list segmentation feature allows users to group subscribers based on specific criteria. This helps send targeted and personalized emails to different segments of your audience. ConvertKit also offers a broadcast functionality, which is particularly useful for sending mass emails such as newsletters.

Conclusion: The Power of Individualized Mass Emails

Individualized mass emails are effective tools for increasing engagement rates. By personalizing emails and using features such as BCC and Multi-send in Gmail, you can easily engage with your audience. When sending mass emails, be conscious of spam filters’ constraints, be careful to maintain a professional appearance, and consider services such as Selzy, Mailchimp, AWeber, Sendinblue, HubSpot, and ConvertKit for enhanced features.


1. Can I send an email to multiple recipients separately using Gmail or Outlook?

Yes, use the BCC feature in both Gmail and Outlook to send individualized emails without letting the recipients know each other.

2. Are recipients hidden when sending a mass email in Outlook?

Yes, you need to add the recipients in the BCC field instead of the CC field when you want to send your mass email individually from Outlook.

3. Are there chances that my bulk emails go straight into the spam folder?

Yes, particularly if your subject lines are spammy or if your sender reputation isn’t good. It’s crucial to adopt best practices for sending an email newsletter or other marketing tools to prevent flagging your emails as spam.

4. What’s the “BCC method” that’s used when sending mass emails in Gmail?

The BCC method refers to entering the recipients’ email addresses into the ‘BCC’ section rather than the ‘To’ section while crafting a mass email. The result is that each recipient gets a personalized email without revealing the other recipients.

5. Does Microsoft Outlook provide ways to make emailing large groups easier, too?

Yes, several features in Microsoft Outlook simplify mass emailing, like the “Send button.” It also allows the insertion of merge fields to make sending large batches of email at once more efficient and ensures confidentiality among recipients.

6. Are there free tools to track sent individual emails?

Yes, email tracking and outreach tools provide real-time progress monitoring. These tools, along with platforms like Google Workspace, allow for detailed analysis sections for improving future outreach efforts.

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