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8 Useful Lorem Ipsum And Random Text Generators

As a web designer, before i ship the design i will usually show it to my client and make any final changes. So, i may need to fill in the content with some “lorem ipsum” aka dummy text so that the client will have clearer picture of how the design will look like.

I believe every designer will have their own lorem ipsum content. And i saved my lorem ipsum content into a text file, so that i can copy and paste them whenever i need. Recently, i had found some cool lorem ipsum or random text generators which i think are interesting and would like to share with my readers.

Without talking much, let’s see these 8 useful lorem ipsum and random text generators:

Best Cloud Hosting for Wordpress
Best Cloud Hosting for Wordpress

1. Lorem Ipsum Generator

Is it being made for web developers, web designers, web masters, and those who ever need lorem ipsum content. The Lorem Ipsum Generator lets user generates either paragraphs, words or sentences and able able to add HTML tags to the content.
Lorem Ipsum Generator

2. Lipsum Generator is one of the most popular lorem ipsum generator and it provides straight forward content with few options. User can specify the number of paragraphs, words, bytes or lists. There are now a set of mock banners available for download. The mock banners are in three different colors and in a range of different standard banner sizes.
Lipsum Generator


3. adhesiontext

adhesiontext is another interesting dynamic text tool which able to generate a dummy text paragraph with different character sets. User can specify different languages and alphabets such as Latin, Cyrillic, Greek and Arabic. Different options can be used, such as add basic puntuation, uppercase and case insensitive query.

4. HTML-Ipsum

HTML-Ipsum is lorem ipsum text generator from Design O’Blog. It has a lot of different outputs, such as long paragraph, medium paragraph, one sentence, unordered list: short items, unordered list: long items, ordered list: short items and kitshen sink.
HTML Ipsum

5. Text Generator by malevole

If you are getting tired with boring lorem ipsum text, then you should try malevole’s text generator. It generates random content, with some random paragraphs which will look more meaningful than the boring lorem ipsum content. User can specify the number of paragraphs and the maximum paragraphs supported is 5.
Text Generator by malevole

6. Blind Text Generator

Blind Text Generator allows user to select different type of dummy text and different number of words, characters and paragraphs to be inserted. More advanced options such as font-type, font-style and font spacing also allowed. User can preview the font’s css style immediately when changes are made.
Blind Text Generator

7. Dummy Text Generator

This tool allows user to choose either to use “lorem ipsum” or English words in the content. User can specify the number of words and paragraphs also. Besides these, options such as HTML tags, random headings, sub-headings, random bold and italic also provided.

Dummy Text Generator

Best Cloud Hosting for Wordpress
Best Cloud Hosting for Wordpress

8. Random Text Generator

This is the most simple text generator that i ever found. Simply choose the language and hit go. The content will appears at the textarea and you can copy and use it in your own way. This generator supports 10 different languages. Each time you hit the Go button, the system will give you different content, based on your selected language.

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