30 Black and White Logos for your Inspiration

Black and white are the most classical combination among all colors. It tells another story of one object, either for photographers or designers. People will also receive a strong message when looking at black and white logos. They are great logos; They are outstanding and unique in their own characteristics.

Usually, logo designer will start anything with black and white logo. It always seems easier to color it if black and white logo looks well. Clients can notice obviously as if the logo design is suitable with their tastes and requirements.

Black and white can bring out the purest outlook for a nice logo. They are so down-to-earth, clean, and memorable. Since logo is the most basic and yet best branding element for a product or business, the easy and striking features is quite crucial. This also explains why designers like to sketch their ideas in black and white first.

Black and white logo, in the same time, inspires public. Its color palette has influential impact. That is true when asking for others’ opinions. Great logos are those simple logos, without additional marketing or fancy design. They market themselves. Hence, that is the greatest part with a black and white logo.

Keeping the message is similar as keeping the business value. When a designer draws the black and white logos, he is giving a birth to a company’s mission and vision to make those visible to others. It represents a corporate identity. Besides, it raises up a company recognition, compared to its peers and competitors.

It is not easy to do something right. Especially, for black and white logos, you have two colors only. With your creativity, you have to utilize these both colors to their best so that you are successfully turning the constraint into your benefit.

Although this primary color is powerful, it is only credited to your imagination. Having a product name in a standard font style and size would downgrade the resources you have. It is not comparable and impressive too. When later looking at our handpicked collection, hopefully that it will offer you a room for innovation.

Colors do have their important roles for a logo design. It adds more into a plain logo. For example, your eyes notice those bright colors when browsing through a series of color palettes. Furthermore, this reveals additional information about the subject. Green is about environment while red is about danger.

Black and white is part of colors as well. Do share with you 30 stunning examples of black and white logo. Don’t forget to share it too after having a look!


Designed by Mike Erickson, you can see an elephant trunk. You can see it!


A smiling logo man with glasses is designed by Muamer.

Poker Hills

Designed by Alen Pavlovi, it is said by others as a perfect work.


You feel the “muchmore” that is designed by Fayda.

Gaucho Wine

Designed by Brandcut, Gaucho means an Argentian cowboy so that a bull head with a wine glass is an ideal logo.

Worldwide Short Film Festival

Designed by Shylesh Kumar, it is inspired by the great Chaplin and his SHORT mustache.


Designed by Andrei, the web service company wants “Ankor” rather than “Anker”.


Designed by voov, it is a pretty cool text logo.


Designed by Aljosa Senk, it shows the different surface tension and thus different droplet patterns where the Nan∞ agent applied to a particular material.


Designed by Reghardt Grobbelaar, a pencil is in the negative space.

RIP Steve

Designed by Jonathan Mak, this logo fully employs the room of black and white.

Diamond Bookstore

Designed by Malik Joanna, the open book shape can be a diamond.

Architects Revolver

Designed by Kommi, the slogan for this Italian forum is “Give it a shot”.

Fall Seven

Designed by Maskon, now you realize the similarities between F and 7.

Sarah Coombs

Designed by Pricedyment, Sarah Coombs is an awesome broadcaster.


Designed by Say Brand, a hanger tells you that it is a boutique.

Edge Board

Designed by Hampus Jageland, they sell handmade chopping board with an edge featured in this logo.


Designed by Robinsson Cravents, Missile is an energy drink.


Designed by Muamer Adilovic, the “R” is an interesting mark that catches your eyes.

Negative Reality

Designed by Dalius Stuoka, reality is seen under negative space.

Bob’s House For Dogs

Designed by Staci Paul, who knows before “B” can be a dog?


Designed by Alen Pavlovi, oil is dipping from the logo.

Solve Design

Designed by Virgilio Guardado, this logo needs a solution too.

One plus One

Designed by Aleksey Bokov, two “1″ and one “+” sign form the logo.


Designed by Graham Smith, a shovel represents this landscaping company, namely Doug.

Curve Design

Designed by Rouzbeh Firouzmand, the open and closed anchors simulates the curve and the design studio.

Writers in The Schools

Designed by Doc4Design, this is for the University of Arkansas’ Writers in the Schools program.

Martini House

Designed by Eddie Brown, a house is in the middle of two martini glasses.

Fashion Law Institute

Designed by Pentagram, can you notice that it is a gavel from a needle and spool of thread?

Sneaky Elephant

Stevan Rodic has created an animal symbol for a rapidly growing software company.


“P.S. Want to create a black and white logo like this yourself? Don’t have the skills to draw one from scratch? Check out this free logo creator by Oberlo.”

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