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30 Creative and Unusual Layouts

Why do you wish to have your own website? Most will answer that they want to attract new and retain old customers. Therefore, it is better to be creative and innovative to design the right website for you.

Start from scratch, you will be required to be bold to dare some unusual layouts. Therefore, you can be outstanding in this overwhelming information era. If you think that a web layout must have the header, content, sidebar and footer, you should change this opinion right away. It is the conventional method. In this post, we will discuss more about creative and unusual layouts.

Website can be in plain HTML or flash layout. Today, advancement has made software offer a wide range of web templates to save a considerable amount of time and money in developing and maintaining your website afterwards. However, those are sure at the expense of the creative layouts. Therefore, when you walk away from those fixed templates, you can see how amazingly you can do creative designs in your own. In most cases, it will be unique and unusual as well.

Even only manipulating some simple shapes, you can also produce creative layouts as long as you have some sort of different ideas. Besides, a web layout is not merely what displayed in a screen. It also includes the navigation way. Breaking the old mold is not always easy. Also, you will expect to see some cloning layouts day in and day out. Nonetheless, if you can shift or replace some website elements, you are yet able to create new and unusual layouts.

The extremely best things about creative and unusual layouts is there are no rules in doing these, provided that you keep yourself on track. You should have to remain the trademark for that website but freedom is largely stretched, compared to conventional standards.

For example, you can surprise your users to view the content horizontally or vertically or try to put five or more columns without standardized alignment. Of course, you must ensure that it is user-friendly. Content can be searched easily when you plan to bring the new and delightful excitement in content presentation. Creative designs are not meant to compromise the usability. Otherwise, it will produce the opposite result to disorient your web visitors.

Depending on your imagination, it would be great to see how far you can run away from those traditional and usability rules. Creative designs will only be born in this way. Later, you can visit the gallery with a number of creative and unusual layouts. They are unquestionably very inspiring and memorable.


Simple graphics background with few content boxes, for us, can be considered as unique layout.


Design Interactions

It features a wide range of designer works which you can see in left side.


Elite Webmaster Portfolio

Web design and development, 3D graphics and SEO are here for you.


Semi-Permanent Creative Conferences

Design, inspiration and innovation are its main focal points.

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Best Cloud Hosting for Wordpress


Sergio Calderón

This site is purposely for his showcase.



It aims to promote equality, unity and progress in India.


Narrow Design

The selector collapses in “narrow” mode to allow more spaces for contents.



No-Method employs talents from creative pools to any project.


Samsung Jet

Samsung Jet is said as smarter than smartphone.


Ian Wharton

The website is for an award-winning designer and creative based in London.


Denny’s Restaurants

Denny’s Restaurants is a franchise family-style, fast food and steakhouse restaurant.



Colourpixel from Hyderabad, India is for web and graphics design.



It is a web design and development agency in Turin, Italy.



Few boxes make up the whole website design.


Pieoneers is a web development, iOS development and design agency.


Light Motion Design

It is freelance web design studio.



It specializes for 3D and architectural modeling and visualization.


Hotel Oxford

It is an unique boutique hotel with an unique website.


MaxHaus Virtual

MaxHaus builds, decorates and makes apartments with configurable living spaces.



Based in Ohio, it is web engineering and application firm.


NOFRKS design

Welcome to NOFRKS town to visit their design and coding expertise.



It is a premier brand identity house in Atlanta, GA.


Level 2 Design

Another appealing web layout for a service company – Level 2 Design.


The Horizontal Way

It is popular because of its horizontal scrolling function.



It is product design and innovation consultancy firm.



Robinizer is a design expert too.



Based in Chichester, it offers web design service to companies.

Best Cloud Hosting for Wordpress
Best Cloud Hosting for Wordpress



It is a non-profit organization placing original fine art in patient, procedure and examination rooms of healthcare facilities.


How to accept Joel in 5 easy steps

This is designed and created by Joel Califa in the online portfolio.



Werkstatt is specialised in car repair, care and service.


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