4(Easy) Ways On How to Receive Donations on Twitch

Do you know that when you accept donations on Twitch? It is just one way that you can make money on this platform? Most Twitch users are gamers, but others use this platform to communicate and present their audience with their passion and expertise. Knowing how you can get donations on Twitch will enable us to earn money by doing what we love. By also receiving donations, we will also feel that our viewers appreciate our hard work for entertaining them. Many Twitch streamers have earned money because of their viewers donating money to them. Although there are other ways that you can make on Twitch, we will focus on the commonly used method to earn, which is by receiving donations. In this article, I will show you how you can earn through this method from start to finish. Start by setting up your Twitch account and finish on how to set-up that ‘donate button’ for your viewers on to send you Twitch Bits.

Can Ticket Management Practices Be Applied to Receiving Donations on Twitch?

Adopting best practices in ticket management related to Twitch donations can be advantageous for organizing and overseeing the received donations. By using efficient tools for keeping records, acknowledging donors, and showing transparency, streamers can improve their donation management processes. This can also help to build trust with their audience.

What You Need to Know

Fortnite game channel on twitch Among other platforms, earning money on Twitch is a bit more complicated. It is not just about setting up an account and showing your gaming skills that will make you money. As we go on in this article, you will know the reason why. Before you learn how your viewers can donate money to you on Twitch, there is some information that you should learn. As I mentioned before, it is because earning money on Twitch is a bit more complicated.
  • How much money does a Twitch streamer make

The main reason why you want to set up your channel and a donation page are that you probably hear from rumors that gamers make decent money. Although it can be true for players with tons of viewers, it is helpful if I can show you the figures to inspire you.
Honestly, top earners on Twitch can earn more than 20 million dollars per year.
There are several ways that Twitch streamers can earn. Those streamers who earn from bits, Twitch’s digital currency, can make 1 cent per bit. Every Twitch user can buy bits. Because of these bits, they can buy ’emotes’ known as Cheernotes and Bit gems. Each varies in price. When a viewer uses either a Cheernote or a Bit gem, the streamer will get one cent per bit. Twitch Partners and affiliates can earn a portion of subscription payment. They receive a different percentage of subscription payments. Getting into having this opportunity is a dream come true for aspiring streamers because of the recurring income that they may get as long as their viewers are subscribed to them. Twitch Partners and affiliates can also earn 5 percent of merchandise sold from their Twitch channel. Ads also pay streamers based on the CPM model per 1000 views. However, those who can only benefit from this opportunity are those that are partners. Lastly, winnings from tournaments are enormous. One example is KuroKy, although he does not have a vast number of viewers, this streamer earns half of his overall earnings of more than 4 million dollars from winning esports. Another streamer named Richard Tyler Blevins has an annual revenue of more than 5 million dollars. More than 300,000 of it is from bit donations. However, this guy has 12 million viewers.
  • Become a Twitch streamer

Regardless of the complications of earning from Twitch, setting up an account is easy. Go to Twitch.tv website and sign up for an account with your email address. However, before you fill your channel with streaming videos, choose which field to focus streaming. The majority of Twitch users are gamers, but the platform also expanded to other areas such as arts and crafts. Let us say that you choose gaming as your field. Choose which game to focus on your streaming. Create a plan for the longevity of your channel because games do become obsolete and die. For this reason, you can also play other games in some of your time. Being a streamer requires time and effort. Valkia streams five to eight hours per day on average. To succeed, you need to grow your viewers and followers. You can use different social media platforms to promote your stream.
Lastly, connect to your viewers by responding as much as you can.
  • Different ways to earn money on Twitch

There are several ways a streamer can make from this site. However, the ones who have the opportunity to earn the most are partners and affiliates. To become one of these privileged individuals, you should meet some criteria, which include having concurrent viewers per stream. Those who meet the platform’s criteria will receive an automatic invite for more earning opportunities. These opportunities include, Twitch subscriptions, selling of merchandise, Twitch bits, advertisements, and tournament winning. Partners are the ones who can earn from video ads. Partners can change their info and see updates in the Partners Settings of their accounts.
Streamers with Twitch account can also earn through selling merchandise and sponsorship.
However, the most common method to earn from your Twitch account is through donations. By setting up a channel, donation page, and garnering viewers, you can take advantage of this benefit. You can benefit from the donation page whether or not you have an account on PayPal. It is because PayPal is just one way that you can earn from a donation, which we will discuss later. A Cute Female Gamer Girl Sits In A Cozy Room Behind A Computer And Plays Games. Woman Live Streaming Computer Video Games To Her Fans. Streamer And Gamer Concept
  • How much does Twitch take from donations

Although it is possible that Twitch can take 50 percent on a streamer’s subscription, one of the benefits of earning from donations is that Twitch does not take a cut from it. The only ones who get a cut from it are the providers such as PayPal, cryptocurrency wallet provider, third party donation services, and the like in the form of fees. Ways to Accept Donations on Twitch By signing up for a Twitch account and setting up a Twitch channel will not make you some money. You will also not automatically see a ‘Donate’ button on the dashboard. Even though you have an account on PayPal and have more than a thousand followers, you should create a donation button yourself. However, the perk of this complication is that this platform allows you to accept donations in different ways.
  1. Twitch Bits

Earning donations from Twitch Bits is automatic for partners and affiliates. However, it does not mean that if you only have a few viewers on your channel, you cannot earn bits at all. Once you set up a channel and enable ‘Cheering with bits,’ you can earn some money through cheering emoji. It is possible when your viewers buy bits through PayPal or Amazon Payments. Those viewers from the US can also earn bits by watching an ad. If you want to earn bits, here are the steps that you should do.
  • Go to the Partner Settings tab on your dashboard
  • Go to the Cheer Section
  • Enable ‘Cheering With Bits’ and configure the settings for your Twitch channel.
  1. PayPal Donations

You can accept donations if you have a PayPal account or if you want to accept donations through PayPal. However, this process takes a little effort. If you do not have a PayPal account, you can quickly sign up using your email address. You can verify your PayPal by connecting it to your credit card or bank account. You can use PayPal as a method for donation in three ways. You can use your PayPal email address, paypal.me link, or PayPal donation button. It is inadvisable to use your PayPal email to accept donations, but no one is stopping you from doing it. Instead, you can use your paypal.me.link. You can place this link on the chat or the donation page. However, if you prefer the PayPal button, you should do the following:
  • Sign-in to PayPal
  • Click settings
  • Go to Seller Tools
  • Under the Selling Online options, select ‘Manage,’ which is under the PayPal buttons
  • Look on the right side and click ‘Create a New Button.’
  • Choose ‘Donation’ on the drop-down lists
  • Customize your button on the donation settings
  • You can now get a shareable URL
  • Go to your account on Twitch.
  • Go to your channel to add a Donation Section
  • Click ‘Edit Panels’
  • Click the plus symbol
  • Click add text or image
  • Type the panel title like ‘My Donation Button.’
  • Fill in the description field with your link in it.
  1. Cryptocurrencies

If you do not have a PayPal account but have a cryptocurrency wallet, you can use it on the donation section of your Twitch channel instead. Here are the lists of what you should do:
  • Go to your cryptocurrency wallet
  • Go to the ‘Receive’ link or button
  • Copy the wallet address
  • Go to the donation section of your channel. We mentioned the set-up of a donation page where you can edit panels in the previous step on PayPal as the payment method.
  • Paste the address of the wallet on the description field.
  1. Legit Third-Party Donation Services

Finding a legit third-party donation service provider is your next resort if you do not have a PayPal account, but still want a donate button. Here is what you can do:
  • Find a reputable third-party site donation service provider and follow its instructions for setting up an account.
  • Customize the donation button using your resources like pictures or design. Some third-party donation services allow you to create one.
  • Go to your donation settings.
  • Create a donation page where you can edit panels, and add your donate button.
  • Copy the shareable link from the third-party site to your Twitch channel.
  • Enter the Panel Title and Description Field, allowing the viewers to where it will direct them.


I hope you enjoyed reading this article, and you learned a new way to earn by doing what you love. Twitch is different from other platforms because we have to set-up our account manually for the donation button. However, one of the perks of it is that we can already earn some money from donations even if we only have a small number of viewers. If you like this article, please like it and share it with your friends. If you want to add more information, please comment below.

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